Discover How to Digitize Your SME Business the Correct Way

The digital economy envelops us all. The future is no longer concerned with digital disruption as it’s now our daily reality. Rapid digitization created new opportunities for businesses that had already adapted while at the same time posing risks and challenges for traditional businesses. Those that want to stay competitive or afloat must digitize and … Read more

Why is the spend analysis important?

Why is the spend analysis important?

Are you a business owner looking for an efficient way to reduce unnecessary costs? If yes, first it is important to understand where exactly your money is being spent. Isn’t it? And for this, a detailed analysis report is all you need. Reports generated from such analysis provide recommendations based on facts, not assumptions. Therefore, … Read more

What is the meaning of PERC solar panels and how they differ from the standard ones?

What is the meaning of PERC solar panels and how they differ from the standard ones?

In recent months, interest in photovoltaic self-consumption has been skyrocketed. And it is that solar energy is not a matter of fashion. Society is increasingly aware of the fight against climate change, opting for photovoltaic self-consumption as a clean and economical energy alternative. One of the decisive issues when designing an energy self-consumption project is … Read more

How To Contact Content Creators

You want to do influencer marketing, and you’ve prepared your campaign. You’ve also found content creators who align with your brand and analyzed their performance statistics. Now you’re ready to reach out.   But, sometimes it can be frustrating when it comes time to get in touch with content creators. You may not know how … Read more

10 Steps to Create a Smart Project Plan

The success of any project is much dependent on a good plan. Project managers are usually tasked with this responsibility. However, if one is new to the industry, it might sound a bit tricky. A project plan is a document meant to direct how a project will run from the beginning to the end. Plans may differ … Read more

7 Ways People Counting Technology Helps in Retail

How To Grow Your Business Via Chatbot Marketing

If you’re in retail, you’ve probably heard about people counting technology. The term “people counting technology” should give you an intuitive understanding of what it is. And you’d be right. In essence, you use people counting technology to count the number of people in your store or business premises. What Is People Counting Technology? But … Read more