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Iraj Manzoor is a veteran Pakistani fashion model who started her career in the early 1990s. She is known for being tall, stylish, and having an alluring persona that makes her stand out. Though she achieved great success, Iraj has stayed grounded and leads a relatively normal life off the ramp.

Iraj Manzoor Career Bio Data

Iraj Manzoor is one of Pakistan’s top fashion models who has been active since starting her career in 1991. Now in her 40s, she is still in demand and considered a trendsetter in the industry.

She received her bachelor’s degree in Arts from Indus Valley College of Art and Architecture. Her mother is veteran TV actress Zeenat Yasmin.

Over her 30+ year career, Iraj has established herself as one of the most prominent models in Pakistan known for her tall, slender figure and sensuous persona. She has frequently appeared on magazine covers and worked with top designers.

However, she has avoided branching out into acting or other entertainment fields, preferring to focus solely on fashion modeling. This exclusivity along with their dedication to fitness has contributed to her rare longevity in the industry.

iraj manzoor model

Iraj Manzoor Professional Success

  1. Longevity and staying power: Iraj has had an exceptionally long career spanning over 30 years since starting in 1991. She is now in her 40s but remains one of Pakistan’s top models who continues getting work. Her dedication has made her a trailblazer.
  2. Trendsetter and fashion icon status: Iraj is considered a pioneer in Pakistani fashion known for her signature style. She helped redefine beauty standards and is credited with bringing more diversity to modeling.
  3. Highly selective and focused approach: Iraj built her career through principled hard work and avoiding socializing or publicity stunts. Her exclusivity and fitness commitment sets her apart.
  4. Top model for leading designers/brands: Despite no acting roles, Iraj dominates fashion shoots/runways. She is a muse for top designers like Nabila and is the first choice for major brands.
  5. Commercial success and high fees: The articles mention Iraj works solely for the money now and commands high rates due to her professionalism and work ethic. Her shrewd financial approach ensures longevity.

Iraj Manzoor Personal Activities

Iraj quit smoking after years of being a chain smoker. She admits this to be her greatest achievement and warns newcomers against falling into a role that condones smoking, drugs, partying, and affairs.

Fitness and Health

  • Iraj is said to be very dedicated to fitness and health, which has likely contributed to her longevity as a model into her 40s
  • She used to smoke heavily but quit, calling it her biggest achievement
  • She warns newcomers in the industry against falling into drugs and partying

Social Life

  • Keeps her personal/social life very private, with model Vinnie being one of her only close friends
  • Avoids the party scene and socializing to get work – remained focused solely on modeling work

Personal Interests

  • No acting roles or branching out into other fields – stays exclusive to fashion
  • Admits she now works solely for the money with a very professional approach

Family and Relationships

  • Wants to be a mother but has no plans to get married only for that reason
  • Feels objectified (“a trophy”) by men so remains guarded in relationships
iraj manzoor model


Modeling Industry

  • Warns the industry has become more disorienting/seedy over the years
  • Newcomers face pressure and risk falling into drugs/partying
  • Feels models are objectified (“a trophy”) by men which makes relationships difficult

Personal Approach

  • Tries to stay true to herself and develop a unique personal style
  • Remains dedicated to fitness and health which contributes to her longevity
  • Admits she now works mainly for the money with a very professional attitude


  • Considered a trailblazer who helped redefine beauty standards in Pakistan
  • Credited with bringing more diversity to fashion modeling in the 1990s
  • Set an example by avoiding pitfalls and not compromising to find success

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