Fizz and Flavour: How Champagne Adds a Touch of Elegance to Savoury and Sweet Recipes

For many, sparkling wine is a pre-food cocktail rather than a pairing wine. Champagne may be enjoyed with hors d’oeuvres at a party or at a raw bar, and we wouldn’t turn down a glass with dessert, but champagne is typically overlooked in favour of flat wines for the main event. 

No matter the occasion, popping the cork symbolises pleasure, and the golden bubbles symbolise life’s exciting moments. It adds a subtle beauty to milestone marking. Because of its adaptability, it goes well with various dishes, bringing out the flavours and enriching the eating experience.

Beyond flavour, it represents passion, success, and accomplishment. Champagne is the finest drink to commemorate life’s special occasions due to its long history and charm. 

So why not raise a glass, simmer with a splash of Cava, and enjoy the celebration in style? This exquisite drink is greatly enhanced when paired with meals that complement it, allowing one to appreciate its essence fully. These delicious dishes complement the allure of champagne, making your festivities truly unforgettable. 

Learn more about these foods by reading about them below.


Oysters’ salty, fresh flavour pairs well with champagne’s sharp acidity, highlighting the ocean’s riches.

Cheese Platter

Brie, Camembert, and goat cheese complement champagne, contrasting textures and flavours pleasantly.


Strawberry sweetness and champagne’s fizz make a pleasant pairing that tantalises the taste receptors.


Sushi’s delicate flavours compliment champagne’s lightness, making this combo perfect for an elegant party.

Truffle Popcorn

The richness and earthy scent of truffle popcorn combine well with the fizzy quality of champagne to create a delightfully fun contrast.

Foie Gras

The vibrant bubbles of the champagne perfectly counterbalance the rich and velvety texture of the foie gras, giving this combo a culinary delight that is absolutely wonderful.


The bubbly champagne accentuates the subtle, salty flavour of the caviare, resulting in an opulent pairing often associated with elaborate festivities.

Mushroom Risotto

This match is beautiful yet cosy. The champagne’s delicate complexity perfectly balances the mushroom risotto’s earthy flavours.

Fried Chicken

Champagne’s fizzy bubbles and the crispy texture of fried chicken combine to create a surprisingly pleasant, decadent, and filling contrast.


The playful effervescence of champagne complements the light, airy texture and brilliant tastes of macarons, creating a sweet climax that is wonderfully delightful and artistically beautiful.

Butter Chicken

The crisp bubbles, thick, creamy tomato-based sauce, and soft, flavourful chicken pieces enhance the meal experience. Champagne enhances butter chicken’s rich flavours, making it a gourmet feast worth savouring.


Consider serving sweet champagne on your next movie night instead of the typical soda and popcorn combination. Though the demi-sec category is an anomaly in our era of zero doses, the buttered popcorn pairs well with the little residual sweetness, adding a touch of luxury to everything.


Are you awaiting the wildcard now? A sweeter sparkler perfectly balances the nuanced savouriness of a typical grilled octopus.

According to wine experts, these wine pairings go well with champagne flutes, whether you’re looking for ideas for a party menu or making a resolution to drink more wine in 2024.

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