About Us

Qalamdan.net provide to discusses innovative technologies, tracks the current portable costs in Pakistan, and breaking news of innovation. In addition , it offers information on new companies and business people in Pakistan and Pakistan. In Pakistan and abroad, Qalamdan suddenly became a go for venture capitalists and financial speculators.

Our main Qalamdan are to educate start-ups, companies and technology in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the most critical target audience for the numerous destinations is occupying the West.

Today the Qalamdan Group has over 2 million direct users to different media events and meets an variety of customers to Twitter , Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

The whole disaster was a first trigger for these idea. It took a few months of work to launch this site. It took us. We wanted to build Pakistan ‘s online ecosystem from the very first day onwards, and to make it easy for each Pakistani to get up-to – date and truthful information on time. It was a very clear aim.

Through this site consumer is worthwhile to us. In case you just want to give us an e-mail to have a cordial visit with one of our academics, you ‘re free to do this! If you’ll hear your critique, data or studies about me!

Every person in this community is human at the end of the day. Everybody is human in this team, and when these incidents occur, sometimes we make human errors.