How to Save Money on Your Trip to Orlando

Traveling to Orlando can be an expensive affair. But it doesn’t have to be. There are tips you can apply to make some savings even as you visit and enjoy the different attractions. The most ideal means of movement for your trip will be by car. You can begin saving money by looking for cheap … Read more

Used vs. New: Which Cars Depreciate Faster?

Which Cars Depreciate Faster?

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a car is depreciation. Depreciation refers to the loss of value that occurs over time, and it can significantly impact the overall cost of owning a car. But which cars depreciate faster – used or new ones? In this article, you’ll look closely at the … Read more

What Are the Awesome Benefits of Being Outside?

Did you know only a third of US adults spend more than an hour outside? Due to the technological age, people no longer have to go outside to shop, eat, or have fun. However, being outside in the great outdoors does come with its advantages.  We’ve investigated everything you need to know about the benefits … Read more

A podcast to ‘Stay QRious’ and elevate your marketing campaigns

QRTIGER’s Stay QRious podcast is now available on Spotify, Youtube, and Listennotes November 15, 2022—Leading QR code generator software QRTIGER is trusted by over 850,000 brands worldwide, so it only made sense that they recently released their very own ‘Stay QRious’ podcast. Hosted by their very own QR code expert and CEO Benjamin Claeys and … Read more