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The Lost Tribe is a popular restaurant located in Lahore, Pakistan that offers a unique dining experience combining delicious cuisine, a cozy ambiance, and exceptional service. With its diverse fusion menu, warm decor, and hospitable staff, The Lost Tribe provides patrons with a memorable culinary and cultural journey.

Cuisine and Menu

The cuisine at The Lost Tribe reflects a harmonious blend of flavors from around the world. The extensive menu features a range of appetizers, main courses, and desserts that incorporate Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Western influences.


The appetizer selection includes crispy spring rolls, creamy hummus platters served with warm pita bread, Baba Ghanoush made with fire-roasted eggplants, and the restaurant’s signature Lost Tribe Platter with an assortment of starters to share. Other popular appetizers are the Golden Fried Prawns, Chicken 65 – a South Indian specialty, and Tandoori Broccoli flavored with Indian spices.

Main Courses

For mains, diners can find a range of steaks, seafood, poultry dishes, curries, biryanis, and vegetarian specialties. Signature items include the Peshawari Karahi with tender lamb pieces cooked in a handi with caramelized onions and tomatoes, the Raan-e-Lost Tribe or whole leg of lamb marinated in secret spices and slow-cooked in the tandoor, and Tawa Grilled Fish served with mint chutney and stir-fried vegetables.

Other favorites are the Chicken Tikka Masala, a creamy North Indian delicacy, the Afghani Murgh cooked with traditional Afghan spices, and Vegetable Koftay – veggie dumplings in a rich gravy. There’s also a selection of burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and even authentic Italian pastas for patrons to relish.

the lost tribe menu


To satisfy one’s sweet tooth, the Lost Tribe offers decadent treats like the Death by Chocolate cake, classic Tiramisu, Gulab Jamun served with rabri, Falooda Kulfa, and Baklava imported from the Middle East. There’s also a variety of ice cream flavors and milkshakes to delight dessert lovers. Overall, the Lost Tribe’s menu reflects global influences while retaining traditional Pakistani flavors – providing something to appease every palate.

Ambience and Décor

The Lost Tribe restaurant exudes a warm and inviting ambiance with its tastefully designed interiors. Blending modern aesthetics with traditional flair, the decor creates a comfortable environment for an enjoyable dining experience. As patrons enter, they are greeted by intricate woodwork and vibrant cultural motifs. Earthen pots, fabric drapes, and candles adorn the walls in earthy tones. The cozy seating features luxurious cushions and low-lying tables in keeping with the tribal-rustic theme. String lights hanging from the ceiling in the outdoor section further elevate the mood. The soft lighting, soothing Sufi music playing in the background, and the subtle aroma of spices envelop guests in the restaurant’s signature hospitality. Whether dining with family, friends, or work colleagues, the ambient setting makes patrons feel instantly at ease.

With its harmonious blend of modern comforts and traditional design elements, the Lost Tribe’s dining space allows people to embark on a sensory and cultural experience alongside their meal.

Exceptional Service

One of the stand-out aspects of the Lost Tribe is the top-notch service provided by the staff. Their friendliness, attention to detail, and intuitive service skills enhance patrons’ dining experience. The managers provide a warm welcome and guide first-timers through the menu recommendations. The servers are experts regarding ingredients and preparation methods – providing helpful suggestions to match diners’ preferences. They also demonstrate great care in customizing meals for people with allergies or dietary restrictions. The staff’s ability to make guests feel valued with their genuine hospitality has garnered much praise in [online reviews]. Many customers highlight the servers’ and chefs’ professionalism in delivering well-presented plates on time with a smile. The Lost Tribe also has an efficient system for take-out and delivery. People can order online or through WhatsApp for quick pick-up or free home delivery within a certain radius.

The restaurant’s exceptional service philosophy has earned it a reputation for going above and beyond in catering to patrons’ comfort and culinary needs.

Pricing and Contact Information

The Lost Tribe offers competitive rates with most appetizers ranging from PKR 250 to PKR 550. Main course dishes are priced between PKR 800 to PKR 1800 with a handful of special items close to PKR 3000. The pricing is quite affordable given the high food quality, flavorsome dishes, and fine dining ambiance.

The restaurant also runs weekly specials with discounts on selected menu items. These promotions coupled with the hospitable service make the Lost Tribe a popular spot for celebrations with family or friends. For reservations or take-out/delivery orders, The Lost Tribe can be reached at +92 311 7770160. The restaurant is located at:

Address: Metro cash and carry, Model Town Link Rd, Block G Model Town, Lahore, Punjab 54700

The Lost Tribe is open 6 days a week from Tuesday – Sunday, 1 pm – midnight. It is closed on Mondays.

the lost tribe menu


With its unique brand of Pakistani hospitality, fusion flavors, cozy ambiance, and exceptional service – the Lost Tribe offers one of the most memorable dining experiences in Lahore. The restaurant brings together culinary influences from around the globe while retaining the cultural essence of a tribal eatery.

The Lost Tribe provides more than just a good meal. Stepping into the restaurant, patrons embark on a journey where food and community come together to celebrate diversity. No matter the occasion, diners can expect to have their taste buds ignited and their souls nurtured with the flavors and welcoming spirit of this Lahori treasure.

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