How to Save Money on Your Trip to Orlando

Traveling to Orlando can be an expensive affair. But it doesn’t have to be. There are tips you can apply to make some savings even as you visit and enjoy the different attractions. The most ideal means of movement for your trip will be by car. You can begin saving money by looking for cheap cars for rent. Alamo car rentals Orlando will be a good place to get one because of their unbeatable rental prices. Just place a call and book in advance.

Below are more tips you can apply during your trip.

Stay in Hostels or Airbnbs

They are cheaper when compared to hotels but will still offer you enough comfort. They also come with a kitchen and you can choose to prepare your own meals instead of eating out. You can buy fresh foodstuff from the local markets and prepare nutritious meals to your liking while saving money in the process.

Travel when its off peak season

Off peak is always less costly. This is from plane tickets to car rental, and even accommodation. There are also fewer people and you can enjoy attractions more with less crowding.

Visit free attractions

There are expensive places you will want to visit but you can make your experience even more fulfilling by taking advantage of the free attractions too. You will come from Orlando with a richer experience and will have ended up saving money.

Do your research on rules in Orlando

Do some research on rules in Orlando. This includes traffic regulations. This will help you avoid fines that may further increase your travel expenses.

Always book in advance

Advance booking of flights, accommodation, and car rental will always give you cheaper prices. After coming up with travel dates, make sure you make advance bookings to get better prices.

Limit your drinking

After accommodation, transportation, and food. Most travelers spend a sizable amount of money on alcohol. You can make some savings by drinking during happy hours, purchasing alcohol from convenience stores and going back with it to your place of accommodation if they allow it, avoiding drinking while at restaurants, or if you can, avoiding drinking altogether.

Don’t stick to guidebooks

Although they give an idea of popular places to visit. They will also offer suggestions of restaurants and guest houses you can choose from. Most of these will be expensive because of their popularity. You should instead opt to choose those that are popular with locals and not tourists. You will make considerable savings.

Create a budget and track your expenses

Coming up with a budget will prevent overspending. You can even come up with a daily limit on how much you can spend. Tracking your expenses will ensure you stay within your budget. Once you hit your limit, call it a day and continue your explorations the next day.


Orlando has so much to offer you as a visitor. With proper preparations, you can enjoy your trip without having to break the bank. To start with, check out the available car rentals to get to sort your means of movement. There are several companies where you can rent a car in Orlando but Alamo is among the best. Place a call and book in advance. This together with the other tips discussed will ensure you make some savings even as you enjoy beautiful Orlando.

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