Al Fazal Restaurant

Al Fazal is a popular family restaurant located on Ferozepur Road in Lahore, Pakistan, near the General Hospital. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Menu & Cuisine

  • Al Fazal serves a wide variety of Pakistani cuisine including BBQ, continental dishes, Indo-Chinese dishes, and more. Popular items include kasuri fish, biryani, halva puri, karahi dishes, naan, and roti.


  • Prices at Al Fazal are considered good value. The restaurant offers special deals for kids, singles, couples, and families. Tax and service charges are additional.
al fazal restaurant

The price range of dishes at al Fazal restaurant


  • Mutton Karahi – Rs. 1,754 to Rs. 1,949
  • Chicken Karahi – Rs. 764 to Rs. 849
  • Beef Karahi – Not listed but likely similar price range to mutton and chicken karahis

Popular Dishes

  • Aalo Matar Chicken Qeema – Rs. 314
  • Beef Karahi – Price not listed

Rice Dishes

  • Biryani – Price not listed but likely Rs. 300 to Rs. 600 range based on typical biryani prices


  • Mix Mithai – Rs. 850 to Rs. 950
  • Rasmalai (12 pcs) – Rs. 800
  • Kheer – Rs. 80 to Rs. 210


  • Lassi – Rs. 100
  • Desi Chai – Rs. 90

The most popular dishes at al Fazal restaurant

Chicken Tikka Karahi – This dish, is described as “Amazing” and “very tasty”. It seems to be one of their signature dishes.

Chicken Sajji – This dish is being cooked and served at Al Fazal. The video calls it “tasty”.

Biryani – Al Fazal’s biryani as “very tasty”. It’s likely one of their popular rice dishes.

Pilaf – Tourists enjoying the pilaf at Al Fazal. So it seems to be another popular rice dish on the menu.


  • The restaurant has a casual, family-oriented atmosphere. There is indoor seating as well as an outdoor kids playing area.


  • Al Fazal offers amenities like high chairs for kids, late-night dining, takeout, and delivery within 7km. It can accommodate large groups and has a separate family room.


  • Al Fazal is one of the top-rated and most-reviewed restaurants in Lahore on Google Maps, with over 2,100 reviews and a 4.1-star rating.

Does Al Fazal restaurant offer any special deals or packages?

For Kids

  • Al Fazal offers a kids menu with smaller portion sizes at lower prices. Search results mention they have high chairs and a kids playing area.

For Singles

  • No specific singles deals are mentioned. But they likely qualify for the regular menu pricing.

For Couples

  • Search results don’t mention any special couples deals. But couples can take advantage of the regular menu prices.

For Families

  • Al Fazal has a separate family room and can accommodate large groups. They likely offer discounted pricing for family packages bought together.

Other Deals

  • The restaurant offers late-night dining, takeout, and delivery within 7km. These can provide cost savings.
  • Some branches may offer loyalty programs or discounted combo deals.


Chicken Tikka Karahi, Chicken Sajji, and Biryani appear to be the top 3 most popular dishes, with Pilaf and regular Chicken Karahi also being well-liked menu items. 

al fazal restaurant

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