Panache by Mona

They are a Pakistani designer clothing brand offering ready-to-wear luxury pret wear and formal wear for modern Pakistani women.

Key Collections

This would cover some of their main clothing collections, such as:

  • Luxury Pret – High-end fashion styles with pure organza and unique embroidery
  • Casual Pret – Formal wear attire and kurtis in different sizes and tones
  • Dresses – Fancy luxury dresses with intricate handwork and embellishments


Provide example pricing for Panache by Mona’s products:

  • Regular pricing ranges from Rs. 960 to Rs. 24,000
  • Sale discounts available on many items

Quality and Craftsmanship

Panache by Mona is known for high-quality clothing made with premium fabrics like pure organza, embroidered shafoon, and raw silk. Their pieces feature intricate and heavy hand embroidery, embellishments, and other detailed handwork. The search results describe their products as “unique”, “beautiful”, “comfortable”, and made with “highest quality standards and delicacy”.

panache by mona

Attention to Detail

Each Panache by Mona garment is said to be carefully crafted and designed for the individual customer with great attention to detail. This results in statement pieces that are works of art.


They use high-end fabrics like organza, shafoon silk, raw silk, etc. These luxurious fabrics combined with delicate handiwork create their signature luxury pret aesthetic.


Panache by Mona can consistently maintain high standards of quality across their collections from luxury formalwear to casual everyday wear. Customer satisfaction and quality control are stated priorities of the brand.

Luxury Pret

Panache by Mona is known for their luxury pret collection, which features intricate embroidery, handwork, and high-end fabrics like organza and shafoon silk. Some popular luxury pret items highlighted are:

  • Heavily embroidered long shirts with delicate pearls and stone work, priced around Rs. 9,200-11,500
  • Fancy chicken Kari frocks and maxi dresses with unique embroidery, priced Rs. 17,600-24,000

Embroidery Collection:

Their signature embroidery collection of shoes and clutches is very popular. Some highlights are:

  • Embroidered juttis and heels with beadwork and embellishments.
  • Intricately embroidered clutches made with traditional techniques.

Vintage Ensemble:

Panache offers unique vintage-inspired ensembles like the pink embroidered khadi net long shirt highlighted, priced at Rs. 9,200


Panache by Mona is known for exceptionally high-quality clothing made with meticulous attention to detail using fine fabrics and artisanal construction techniques. Their products are described as unique, comfortable works of art that make the customer feel special.

panache by mona
panache by mona

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