Wo Ishq Jo Humse Rooth Gaya Novel

It’s a romantic Urdu novel. It is published on Kitab Nagri. Yusra is a famous social media writer. Yusra is a versatile writer
She is very famous for her unique writing style. She chooses a variety of topics to write about. 


She has written many stories and has a large number of fans waiting for her novels. She writes Romantic Novels, Forced marriage, Hero police officers, Urdu novels, Full Romance, Action, suspense, Adventure, Fantasy, comedy, friendship, Revenge, strong fight girls, patriotism base best romantic Yusra is a famous social media writer. Yusra is a versatile writer and it’s her new novel which is being written for the Urdu Mania Team.

The plot of wo ishq jo humse rooth gaya novel

The novel tells the story of a girl who loses her sight and her mother in a tragic accident. A few years later, she mistakenly phones a stranger and he is entranced by the sound of her voice. They fall in love over the phone. The story revolves around social issues and cousin marriages. The main character faces difficulties in her marriage and her love becomes angry with her. Overall, it seems that the novel’s plot involves:

  • A girl losing her sight and her mother in an accident
  • Years later, she mistakenly calls a stranger and they fall in love over the phone conversations
  • The story explores themes of social issues and cousin marriages
  • The protagonist faces problems in her marriage, leading her love to become estranged from her
wo ishq jo humse rooth gaya novel

How does an author’s background influence their writing style?

  1. Personal experiences – An author’s life events, emotions, perspectives, and struggles often make their way into themes, characters, tone and settings of their literary works. This creates authenticity and depth.
  2. Cultural heritage – An author’s cultural background, ancestry, traditions, and customs may be incorporated to add unique dimensions to the writing. This could involve exploring certain cultural ideologies.
  3. Historical context – The time period an author lives in can shape their worldviews and these may be reflected in socio-political commentary or historical references in their writing.
  4. Literary influences – The authors and literary works that have inspired an author to leave an imprint on their creative vision and writing style. The essence of their favorite works bleeds into their narratives.
  5. Social factors – Aspects like gender, race, socioeconomic status, and family background influence an author’s voice and determine perspectives portrayed in their writing.

So in summary, it is a tragic love story involving a blind girl who finds love with a stranger over the phone but then faces marital difficulties and separation from her love. The novel examines social issues around cousin marriages as part of the plot.

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