Areej Shah Novels List

Areej Shah is a popular Urdu language romantic novelist. Some key information about Areej Shah’s novels:


Areej Shah writes romantic social novels and is considered one of the best Urdu social novelists.

Her novels are very popular in Pakistan and among Urdu readers. Some of her popular novels are “Khabi Yun Bhi aa Mery Dil Main Tu”, “Jageer Janam”, and “Deedar-e- Ishqam”.


Recently, Areej Shah has caught the attention of novel readers through her hit novel Ishq. She is an emerging female fiction writer who has written many romantic Urdu novels, making her a famous writer among youth. Areej Shah novels explore social issues in Pakistani society, the romantic nature of humans, and the domestic problems of families. Some of her novels revolve around forced marriage problems in Pakistani society.

She wrote many romantic thrillers, like Rooh e Yaram, where the story revolved around crime and romanticism. Heartless is a novel based on the forced marriage issue. Beast is a novel that is based on prison life. In the novel, the fiction writer depicts the situation of people who are kept in prison. Her novel, Soulmate, explores the romantic view of relationships.

Format & Distribution

  • Areej Shah’s novels are available as PDF downloads from websites like urdunovelsghar. pk.
  • She also shares short romantic stories and clips on her YouTube channel which has over 2.9K views.

Some popular Areej Shah Novels

  1. “Khabi Yun Bhi aa Mery Dil Main Tu” – One of her most famous novels according to the search results. It’s a romantic social novel.
  2. “Jageer Janam” – Another very popular novel by Areej Shah that focuses on themes like passionate love and intense relationships.
  3. “Deedar-e-Ishqam” – A romantic novel about two lovers, a boy and a girl. It’s considered one of her notable works.
  4. “Ishq e Yaram” – A romantic social novel that seems to be quite popular among readers.
  5. “Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein” – The title translates to “Lost in Someone’s Love” – likely another romantic novel by the author.

Areej Shah Novels List

In this blog, I am sharing the complete list of her novels.

  1. Intaha e Ishq by Areej Shah
  2. Tum Zeesat Ka Hasil Ho by Areej Shah
  3. The Beast by Areej Shah
  4. Heartless by Areej Shah
  5. Ishq e Haqeeqi by Areej Shah
  6. Main Aashiq Dewana Tera by Areej Shah
  7. Mohabbat B Aik Sitam Hai Jaanan by Areej Shah
  8. Bheegi Palkon Per Nam Tera by Areej Shah
  9. Mere Sitamgar by Areej Shah
  10. Ik Tera Dil Pigalta Nahin by Areej Shah 
Areej shah novels

So in summary, Areej Shah is an acclaimed Urdu romantic fiction writer whose novels and stories are widely read among Urdu audiences, largely in a digital format through PDFs and YouTube. Her works focus on romance and social relationships.

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