Why You Should Build a Resume?

A resume is a very essential tool as a person can show his best skills and qualities through it and is especially required in case of job searches. A resume normally consists of one or two pages. But it is much more than that. Nowadays, almost every employer makes the hiring decisions based on an applicant’s resume and it also helps you get your first interview. This is why a person should build a resume properly and be aware of the information that he decides to include in it. In this article, we will try to get to know about the importance of a resume and will also discuss some of the tips related to it so that it can help a person achieve his goal in his career. 

Importance of Resume for an Employer

Employers determine the qualifications and eligibility of a candidate for a job, based on his resume. It helps the employers understand the experience of a candidate in a particular field, his knowledge, and skills. A person should build a resume in such a manner that it reflects his education, awards, achievements, and other accomplishments he has received in his life. It sets the tone for the rest of the hiring process which includes interviews, pre-screening, etc. 

Types of Resumes 

Having an effective and well-made resume is an absolute necessity if a person wants to increase his chances of getting hired for a job. Two types of resumes can create an impact on the minds of employers. They are –

  • The Custom Resumes
  • The Chronological Order Resumes

The Custom Resumes

Custom resumes are made by using a special format that helps to highlight the most important and beneficial choices of a person. This resume is used to give special attention to education and experience. People who change their careers or are new to a definite profession or have potential gaps in their employment, tend to use custom resumes. A person who has earned a lot of exceptional experience in a definite profession may also use it. 

Unlike other resumes, custom resumes are mainly required by those employers who see certain qualifications that are important for a particular job. 

The Chronological Order Resumes

As the name suggests, everything that a person includes in this type of resume should be arranged in chronological order. This is a traditional or normal form of resume that is mainly used by most people and in most workplaces. An individual is advised to put his recent job at the very top of the experience section. While you build a resume, especially of this type, it must be noted that the job experience must be arranged in descending order. 5-10 years of job experience should be displayed in a chronological order resume. This resume also includes the educational information or other accomplishments mentioned but all in chronological order.  

Need For a Resume

Every profession and every industry is very competitive. A resume is considered to be the very basic tool required for an individual to apply for a post in a particular job. A well-made resume will immediately show the employers why a particular is a perfect fit for the job or what particular type of skill-set they possess. Some of the reasons why a person needs a proper resume to get hired are listed below. A well-made resume usually consists of-

  • It displays the skills and experiences of an individual.
  • Helps the employers understand how a person will benefit them and their company.
  • It helps to attract and grasp the attention of employers.
  • Hels to get selected for the next round of the hiring process such as an interview.
  • Helps to get a person’s dream job.

Displays the Skills and Experience of An Individual

A proper resume should contain all the attractive and beneficial skills and work experiences of a person. This allows the person to get more exposure and helps to create an impact among the employers. It also helps employers to choose the best candidate suitable for a post in their company. The resume should contain formatting elements like proper margins, color, and design which are used to highlight the best skills of a person to grab the attention of the employers. 

Helps The Employers Understand How A Person Will Benefit Them and Their Company

This is another important aspect you have to keep in mind if you want to build a resume. Displaying the skills and experiences that you possess is not enough nowadays. Most employers look for what makes an individual different from the other applicants. In other words, it means, that employers always look for how a person will help their company and what is he going to bring to the table. In these cases, a person should mention the data and other verifiable metrics along with his achievements. 

Attract and Grasp the Attention of the Employers

This part of a resume is termed “Above the Fold”, situated in the top right of a resume that is mainly used to grab the attention of the employers. Besides adding your photo and contact number, make sure that you have also added a summarized and short information about yourself. There are also other innovative ways which many people use nowadays. You can also use various symbols that help you define as a brand in front of the employers. There are a lot of ways from which a person can choose and it also depends on creativity. 

Hiring Process Such as An Interview

Having a good product will help you get the desired result. A proper and well-detailed resume will always help an individual to get selected in the initial round and lead the way to the next rounds such as interviews. A person will likely have to sit for at least one round of interviews before getting selected by a company.

Helps To Get a Person’s Dream Job

Ultimately this is the best part that everyone looks and craves for. If you build a resume that has all the necessary details of yourself and follow all the basics, it will help you get the most desired and dream job of your life. 

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