How Fiber internet has faster speed?

Fiber internet is a broadband connection that has a speed of up to 940Mbps with a low delay time. It uses the optic cable that sends your data very fast about 70% of the speed of light. Fiber internet contains the data connection that has cable filling within the plastic fibers or within the glass. Data is transmitted through them like a beam of light pulsing in a pattern. The speed of fiber internet is about 20 times greater than the regular cable at 1Gbps.

Fiber optic Internet promises faster download and upload rates over longer distances, allowing businesses to boost their upload and download speeds. Fiber Internet can give Internet speeds that are nearly as fast as light since data can flow over fiber cable at nearly the speed of light. It connects several devices at one time and it is ideal for multiple users.

With fiber internet faster speeds, you can avail the following things:

  • Download and upload your files very quickly
  • Online gaming becomes very smooth
  • Video chatting with family and friends becomes easy without distortion.
  • You can make a backup of your hard drive to the cloud having videos and photos in minutes.
  • Two hours HD movie can be downloaded in seconds, over the speed of 20Mbps instead of waiting for 30 minutes.

Optical fibers are about 125 microns in diameter they are very tiny or you can say larger than a human hair. Many fibers are bundled together to make these cables. Optical fibers transmit information in binary form which is similar to 0,1s used in electronics and they carry LED light or pulses of laser. It allows you to stream 4k video in seconds.

There’s a quick difference between fiber internet downloading speed and other networks

  • DSL almost                                   1-14 hours
  • Cable internet                               1min- 14 hours
  • Dial-up                                          11 days
  • Fiber internet                                about 1 minute
  • 4G LTE at speed of 35 Mbps        25 minutes
  • 5G internet at speed of10 Gbps     4 seconds

There are three types of fiber internet:


Fiber to the home is the fastest reliable optic internet connection because fibers are straight to the doors

  • FTTC:

Fiber to curb gets to your utility pole outside the house but it uses coaxial cable. If the wire is short, this is the bottleneck.

  • FTTN: 

Fiber to neighborhood or node gets into one mile away from your house.

Here is the list of fastest internet service providers:

·       Xfinity

It provides you the best value.

·       Verizon FiOS Home Internet

This one is the editor’s choice

·       CenturyLink

This is cheap and gives you good speed and reliability.

·       AT&T Internet

If you are looking for bundles then this gives you the best bundling.

·       Viasat

Viasat is Best for satellite internet speeding

·       Mediacom

Mediacom internet plans are quite affordable and can be bundled with TV.

Advantages of Fiber Internet

There are some advantages of fiber internet speed:


Your cable connection should be fast enough to stream video without interruption, but that at high usage, the lines get overburdened. Fiber optic internet vs cable internet speed contrasts become apparent at this point. Fiber optics can manage more users and data at better rates continuously.


The speed of the fiber internet is 1Gbps, which is 10-20 times faster than the 50-100mbps cable

Same downloading and uploading speed:

Cable internet provides different speeds for uploading and downloading but fiber internet gives the same downloading and uploading speed.

Multiple devices can be connected:

There was a time when you had one PC at your home but now you have multiple devices to connect to the internet. This facility is given by the fiber internet that allows you fast and reliable connection without any signal loss. Even multiple people can stream videos play games, download, and upload at one time.

There are also some cons of the fiber internet:

  • Expensive
  • High prices
  • The growth rate is slow


Fiber optic internet is around 20 times quicker than traditional cable and 80 times faster than DSL. Fiber is the better option for most internet consumers because it costs only $10 to $20 more each month. However, having fiber internet service in your location might be challenging because just 25% of American houses have it in the major cities.

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