SUMMER STYLE GUIDE 101:- These caps are incredible for your Adventurous Summer trip

After a harsh cold winter, we all eagerly await the summers to arrive and free us from our multiple layers of clothes and confines of the indoors. Summers are a time for fun, adventures and trips with family, friends or solo. However, the summers can also take away from the excitement because of the scorching weather, especially in tropical, temperate zones. It affects our health, resulting in various ailments caused due to carelessness under the blazing summer sun. 

Being practically sensible while enjoying the outdoors is the best way to enjoy the summertime.

Thankfully, we have a wide choice of headgear to cover our heads to protect ourselves by taking a leaf from our ancestors in the invention of headdresses. One of the rare pictures available of a man wearing a conical straw hat dates back to the Egyptian Civilisation in 3200 BC. The men of that era began wearing hats to keep themselves cool, and this trend evolved over a huge span of time.  Courtesy of the changing trends and styles traversing the global cultures where hats were worn for multiple reasons, the headgear has travelled a long distance. 

The vast and exciting range of caps for men available today gives us the advantage to step out in style while also being sensible.

Dress up in style this summer with these smart and practical caps.

  1. Baseball Cap: Baseball caps were initially worn by baseball players, the famous American sport. It gained popularity quickly in the 1890s after its invention. This particular cap is a favourite amongst all ages and strata beyond the arena of sports. The embroidered baseball caps in summer-friendly materials has a low crown with a visor in the front, which will keep your head and eyes protected from the harsh sunlight. An adjustable strap at the back allows you to adjust the snugness to your comfort. A perfect, low maintenance cap to accompany you in your summer activities and great for simply lounging or chilling around with friends. Pick the GAP men’s green logo baseball cap and stay cool.
  2. Snapback cap: Similar to the baseball cap, the snapback is a slightly sophisticated take on the baseball cap. The wide broad rim protects the face and eyes well, and the adjustable snaps make it fit as per the size and comfort. Hugely popular with rappers, dancers, and free-spirited artists, this cap is an intrinsic part of the urban culture. Wear it for your golf mornings, the evening drink in the outdoors with friends, or on your fishing trips. The cap comes in attractive colours and combinations, with denim being one of the favourites for outdoor men. Choose from the smart Flying machine caps with a slogan embroidered or applique on the crown.
  3. Trucker Cap: Yet another improvisation of the baseball cap. The trucker cap enjoys its popularity because of its breathable construct. The front has cotton twill or foam, while the back has a plastic mesh that allows adequate ventilation in the heat. The ultimate streetwear style, the cap is ideal for hiking trips on those mysterious tails in the hills or simply enjoying cruising down the road or a river with your partner. Easy to carry and maintain, the cap can also be easily stuffed in your back pocket. Hustle in the Flying machine cotton twill cap.
  4. Bucket Cap: An outdoor man’s wardrobe is incomplete without the quirky bucket hat. Fashioned for the free-spirited who like to tread the roads less taken, the bucket cap stands out from the rest of the summer crowd of caps. Wear it on a historical walk through the ruins or a walk through the plantation and forest. Make it your partner while fishing or simply lounging and vegetating on the shore. These adorable caps provide maximum protection from the natural elements: sun, rain, or cold. Protecting your head and face while the wide wavering circular brim allows adequate ventilation in the heat. Be a daredevil in a Flying Machine bucket hat.
  5. Beanie: The Tommy Hilfiger beanie in light cotton is a cool choice for the evenings by the sea or river on your bungee jumping or river rafting trips. Snug enough to provide warmth in the cool riverside evening and cool enough to not suffocate you in the Indian summer. 

Be smart; step out in the summers wearing a cap that suits you.

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