What is effective teaching? Why teaching is important?

What is effective teaching Why teaching is important

Effective teaching Effective teaching has many definition with respect to many different perspectives but here it might be probable to look into it with a focus on teachers’ perspective. Effective teaching can be categorized based upon following dimensions: Teacher’s behavior Effective teaching is most notably influenced by the behavior of the teacher in the study … Read more

Why Digital Marketing is important?

Why Digital Marketing is important?

As digital marketing has come off as a solution to today’s world of marketing and is meeting the needs of the modern internet economy with utmost efficiency, a lot of can be said to answer why Digital Marketing is important? The answer can be delivered efficiently from the two perspectives of the business owner and … Read more

Importance of Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a popular name for the online advertisement campaign that is employed to further the outreach of the products of a specific business. Importance of Digital Marketing is well known for increasing traffic to online websites that present the aesthetics for the products that a particular business owns. This in turn leads to … Read more

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress

Since its launch WordPress has taken the internet world by storm. It also brings its advantages and disadvantages to theory and practice. This has been possible due to many benefits that WordPress CMS brings to the table for clients and developers alike. Both sides can benefit from WordPress in many possible ways. This exposition sheds … Read more

Sim Tracker 2021 (Check Sim Information In Pakistan)

Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan

This is the complete phone directory for mobile / Sim numbers in Pakistan. Are you want to trace mobile numbers in Pakistan and get SIM information through a sim tracker in Pakistan? Then, this page is much helpful for you and tracks your number/ cell number of any network. Sim Number Tracker is one of … Read more

Zong Packages: Call, Internet & SMS

Zong Internet Package

In 2011, Zong capitalized on Pakistan’s rising football fan base by signing a three-year contract with Manchester United of England. Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Young, among United’s starters, were seen playing street football with Pakistani children in the deal’s promotional video. Check out the Zong Internet and Zong Call Packages here. Zong Daily Packages Zong … Read more

Google Doodle – Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Google Doodle: Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

GoogleDoodle: The best way to say thank you to all those on the front lines is by staying at home. Thank You Coronavirus Helpers Google Doodle: The tech company has been honoring Covid-19 helpers by illustrating doodles featuring them on its homepage. For this entire week, the California-based company has been thanking and honoring the … Read more

Live Tracker 2021 | Trace Any Number In Pakistan with Name

99 Mobile Tracker

In Pakistan, do you want to track any mobile number and get SIM details through Live Tracker? So, this page is very helpful for you and monitors every network’s mobile/cell number. As you know, the PTCL telephone directory includes all of the phone numbers stored electronically. By entering your cell phone number, you can easily … Read more