Deep Dive into the BIGO Awards Gala!

Bigo Live, a trailblazer in live streaming and social entertainment worldwide, geared up for its highly anticipated annual event, the BIGO Awards Gala, which took place in Las Vegas on January 16, 2024. This marks the first time the event is hosted in the United States, drawing over 800 creators from across the globe to celebrate excellence in content creation and the profound impact of live streaming on both industry economics and global social communities.

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Celebrating Excellence Across the Globe

Under the theme “Win Big on BIGO,” the Gala underscores the platform’s core mission: fostering a global space where diverse talents and communities can connect, thrive, and succeed together. Esteemed personalities Perez Hilton and Natalie Nunn co-hosted the evening and promised a vibrant showcase of talent spanning K-pop dances, musical performances, magic acts, and more. Headlining the event are international DJ WZRD, rapper JAQUAE, and Filipino sensation Emie Conjurado, whose journey epitomizes the platform’s commitment to empowering creators worldwide.

Diverse Nominees and Global Reach

Reflecting Bigo Live’s dedication to recognizing excellence across continents and genres, nominees like “Ucepth” (BIGO ID: MUSICWORLD01) from France and “Tractrac” (BIGO ID: TRACTRAC) from the United States highlight the platform’s diverse global reach. Emie Conjurado expressed her gratitude, stating, “Bigo Live has provided me with a supportive environment to showcase my authenticity and connect with a global audience beyond geographical boundaries.”

Empowering Creators

In addition to honoring outstanding creators, Bigo Live continues to innovate and empower its user base. The recent launch of the User-Generated Content (UGC) Streamer Incentive Program demonstrates the platform’s commitment to nurturing aspiring broadcasters, offering personalized training, flexible schedules, and global exposure to reward continuous content creation. Furthermore, the introduction of the scripted mini-series “WolfsFolly” sets the stage for a new era of engaging content on the platform.

A Vision for the Future

James, President of BIGO Technology, emphasizes the Gala’s significance, stating, “The BIGO Awards Gala celebrates the creativity and dedication of our broadcasters, users, staff, and partners, spotlighting the transformative power of live streaming. Our mission is to empower international users to express their talents and forge meaningful connections on a global scale.”

Driving Creator Economy Growth

As digital content consumption surges, live streaming’s global expansion reshapes social dynamics and offers unprecedented opportunities for creators. With Bigo Live at the forefront, BIGO Technology has positioned itself as a leader in driving the creator economy’s growth, with projections estimating a value of $480 billion USD by 2027.

Recognitions such as the 2023 Excellence in Software Development Company Growth by APAC Insider and the 2023 Most Innovative Creative Content Company by AI Global Media underscore the platform’s dedication to fostering innovation and creativity.

About Bigo Live

Bigo Live stands as one of the world’s fastest-growing social live streaming communities, boasting over 400 million users across 150 countries. Launched in March 2016, Bigo Live is owned by BIGO Technology, headquartered in Singapore, and continues to redefine social entertainment on a global scale.


In conclusion, the BIGO Awards Gala is more than just a celebration; it’s a testament to the boundless opportunities that Bigo Live provides for creators worldwide. By fostering a diverse, inclusive, and innovative environment, Bigo Live continues to redefine the global landscape of live streaming and social entertainment. As we look forward to the Gala, we are reminded of the power of creativity, community, and the ever-growing potential of the digital age. We recommend checking U7BUY if you are interested in any BIGO items and find BIGO recharge cheap.

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