Reasons to Declutter Your Home This Summer

There is often extensive media coverage and online encouragement from both larger and smaller companies surrounding the concept of spring cleaning your home.

However, as important as a clean and tidy home is, if you are a hoarder, then your home will still feel busy, and hectic, and start to get on top of you.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover five reasons to declutter your home this summer.

1.   Decluttering Makes Moving Simpler

One of the more common reasons why a person chooses to declutter their home is ahead of a relocation.

Unless your current house is your ‘forever home’, then it is important to not only have your belongings organized, but also to not hang on to old, unused, broken, or just plain junk items. A clutter-free home will make you feel as if you are free, not stuck, and able to much more easily say ‘yes’ to new opportunities.

2.   Decluttering Doesn’t Have to Mean Throwing Away

Well, not always, anyway!

The beauty of such reputable and established self-storage companies, such as, is that you are able to clear things out of your personal interior living spaces and not have to deal with them every day, yet you are still able to access them as and when you want or need to.

There is a myriad of benefits to using self-storage units, including the following:

  • A fantastic aid to downsizing one’s home
  • Helping the transition between homes
  • The storage of seasonal furniture and other items
  • To act as a base for your small business
  • Safety and security
  • Student storage
  • Retirement storage

3.   Decluttering Encourages Creativity

Not only does decluttering each interior living space systematically as you go make your home tidier, but decluttering has also been proven to stimulate creativity.

In personality types that lean toward being naturally untidy, the excuse such people often give is that a disorganized space is a sign of an inspired mind, however, in reality, an empty space actually serves as a proverbial blank canvas in which to create.

4.   Decluttering Improves Physical Health

Decluttering your house is incredibly beneficial in cleansing and clarifying your mind and in boosting your levels of emotional health and wellbeing. Additionally, decluttering can also be a positive influence on your physical health too, including in the following key ways:

  • Reduction of mildew and mold
  • Less chance of harmful bacteria
  • Prevention of rodent infestation

5.   Decluttering Boosts Focus & Concentration

Finally, but just as importantly, this summer, if you dedicate just a few days out of your hectic schedule to apply a practical eye over what you own versus what you need, then you will find a renewed focus on what you do want.

Once your home is clearer and rid of old and broken items, with more space and freedom, there are other things you can go on to do to improve your ability to concentrate for longer, such as trying to get more sleep every night, taking short breaks when working on a large task or project, and training your brain with word puzzles and mathematical exercises.

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