Sports betting: Is it relevant in 2021?


The sports betting industry has advanced a lot. Even the pandemic has not stopped bookmakers and punters from the activity.

One of the leading sports is cricket. The top betting sites offer competitive cricket betting odds and other services that keep customers interested in betting.

More information about cricket 

Bookmakers offer sports odds. There are various outcomes of test matches. Punters can bet on a team to win or draw.


If the odds are at 1.66, a bettor can bet up to one thousand rupees for a team to win. So, in case of a win, the person will get1,660 rupees.

That means the bettors recover the amount they bet and get an extra 660 rupees.

The amount won is gotten by multiplying the bet sum with the odds.

Using the odds

Cricket betting does not entail selecting the match-winner or the potential proposition wager. However, there is more involved if punters want to keep earning from the activity.

Punters that bet on a single sportsbook miss a lot in value. Even if they choose the correct winner, finding the highest odds still matters. They are essential because the winner will be higher.

Finding the best odds

Punters have to shop around for the best odds. The same way people analyze different stores before purchasing items is the same way to find odds. Buyers often consider prices at various stores and choose where they can save more money. The same applies to betting. Punters should look for bookies with the best odds throughout.

People would deposit funds at each website to check the available odds whenever they wish to bet in the perfect betting scene.

Unfortunately, that is not how things are, and most people get funds restrictions making it complicated.

So, punters are left to look for top dating platforms that offer the best rates. Finding them is not difficult since the companies operate online. So, punters only need to download several betting apps and compare their odds.

One of the best apps punters can use is Parimatch. The platform serves professional markets and accepts all kinds of bettors.

Odds forms

Bookmakers offer odds in the following forms

  • Decimal

Most sites in Europe represent their odds as decimals. Calculating the odds is not difficult since people only require basic mathematical knowledge.

The formula: The bet gets multiplied by the odds to get the wins.

  • Fractional

Odds appear as a fraction. The form is common in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The numerator represents the best yield, and the denominator is the wager amount.

So, if the odds are 10.15 and a punter spends 150 pounds, the profit will be 100 pounds. The bettors will additionally receive the amount they wagered.

  • American

The odds get grouped as underdogs and favorites because they mainly cater to American members, and they also get referred to as money line odds.

  • Favorites have a preceding dash. For example, -3 is above -6. In the same way, 200 has higher winning chances than -120 favorite.
  • Underdogs have a preceding plus. A high number implies a big underdog, and a +120 has more winning probability than +200.

How to calculate the best cricket odds

Betting sites begin by creating their wagering lines as per expert opinions regarding the outcome of events. The operators then go on adjusting the lines as per the betting trends.


Comparing odds is crucial in sports betting. Better odds improve the winning probability. Also, putting cricket aside, a site with the best odds for golf might not have the best odds for football or any other event. So, punters will always need to perform a comparison before choosing a betting platform.

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