Effective Tips to Control Hair Fall

Hair Fall is a severe issue and many are victims of this problem. Hair fall is not only a vicious problem but is also very difficult to get rid of. Of all the hair issues that can plague men and women, hair fall is probably the most worrisome as it can end up in hair loss at a much younger age.

Hair fall control needs to be done from the very first signs of hair fall so as to bring about the right changes from an initial time. To effectively combat hair fall, one must first find out the reason for hair fall.

There are so many reasons that one can experience hair fall in men and women. Some preventative measures and nutrition can help in preventing early signs of hair fall in most people.

How does Hair Fall Happen?

Hair fall can happen for a variety of reasons. The reasons can be both internal and external. For starters, hair fall is usually the loosening of hair from the hair follicles causing them to shed at a fast pace. So to prevent hair fall, one must focus on hair follicles instead of the hair itself.

Hair is made from protein complex and therefore for healthy hair growth, there must be a healthy production of protein complex for new hair growth. A healthy scalp is another most important part of hair fall.

Scalp that is vulnerable to infection or has a high or low pH can cause damage to hair follicles and therefore make the roots of the hair easy to shed. Having a healthy scalp is important for having healthy hair follicles and therefore healthy hair.

There are other bodily factors as well which relate to the health of the individual that also affects the hair fall rate. For example, medication such as cancer treatment and radiation can cause the hair to fall out quickly. Exposure to strong radiations such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy is unavoidable for patients and such patients may end up losing their hair due to the presence of such strong chemicals.

Apart from this, women who suffer from PCOS can also suffer from hair fall. Postpartum hair fall is also very common in new moms. People who consume strong medicines and have low protein can have hair fall, as those who have a very stressful lifestyle.

Tips for Hair Fall Control

Below are some of the most important tips shared by experts to control hair fall:

1. Oiling Hair

Oiling hair is one of the best techniques to get good and healthy hair. There are some extremely good hair oil products and lotions in the market that have effective ingredients which can nourish the scalp and control hair fall.

2. Consuming a High Protein Diet

A high protein diet can be included to help in protein deficiency which may cause hair fall in young men and women.

3. Cleansing Hair Regularly

Washing of hair is very important especially for those who are exposed to sun damage, pollution, and other environmental factors. Dermatologists suggest washing hair at least once every other day to keep the scalp and hair healthy

4. Choosing Hair Fall Control Products

Hair fall control products with the right ingredients can be very helpful in managing hair fall issues. Active ingredients such as Vitamin B derivatives, botanical extracts, protein complex, and other essences can help in managing the scalp pH, nourish the hair follicles and help grow new hair.

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