7 reasons why Binomo is safe to trade

In this review, we’ll cover not only how to invest in Binomo and trade but also how to make sure that you use a safe platform. You will read about the 7 reasons why you need to use Binomo for safe trading.

International regulation of Binomo

Binomo is a reliable platform for trading established in 2014. It serves clients in over 130 countries. In 2018, as a result of the Binomo reliability and transparency, it became a category “A” member of the International Financial Commission (IFC). With your Binomo login, you have access to high standards of trading honour and proven business practices. The IFC also has a compensation fund for all its members, including Binomo, and it implies that your trades are protected.

Also, an organization such as Verify My Trade audited Binomo trading and awarded it a certificate of quality trades as a result of its transparency and reliability. 

Fast registration and login

The registration procedure on Binomo is fast:

  1. For logging in, get to the Binomo.com website on the net or use the official mobile app.
  2. As a new user, you can sign up by using your email address and set your password or sign in via your Facebook or Google account. 
  3. Choose the currency of your account. It is important to know that once you have registered and logged in, you can not change the account currency.
  4. Afterwards, you need to read and accept the terms of the Client Agreement so as to abide by the rules of the trading. 
  5. Finally, log in through a browser on the web platform that is suitable for PC, or download the Binomo app and access the platform from a mobile device.

Free tutorials and practice

On reliable platforms, there is no need to invest immediately after registration. On Binomo you can take the necessary time to learn and practice until you feel confident in trading and ready to invest real funds. 

You can watch the Binomo tutorial to get familiar with the platform after you register an account. Then create a demo account with virtual funds to learn how to trade on the platform and how to read the chart.

Apply various strategies described on Binomo and participate in tournaments to train and improve your results. Remember that no strategy guarantees 100% result of a trade, so you need to rely on your experience, knowledge and develop a personal approach to price forecasting.

If you encounter a problem while practicing, you can access the FAQ section called Help Center for finding solutions and resolving your queries.

Modern FTT system

Binomo offers fixed-time trades. This trading system allows you to forecast whether the price will rise or fall within a period of time. To open a trade:

  1. Choose an asset.
  2. Deposit the necessary amount for your trade.
  3. Make a forecast – the chart will go UP or DOWN. If your forecast is correct, you get extra income, and if not – the deposited amount won’t be returned. 

To reduce risk, you should be able to read the chart and make feasible forecasts. On Quora, traders can check reviews and make informed decisions.

Some traders ask how to make money on Binomo but it’s not a platform for a fast profit. Trading always requires skills and practice. Also, you shouldn’t rely on sources providing signals because they might be cheating – use only your own knowledge for forecasting.

Keep reading to know how to invest money in Binomo and start trading on a real account.

Secure deposit and withdrawal of funds

Binomo is very reliable as it verifies the identity of all its traders and their payment platforms, this makes your funds secure during withdrawal and deposit. Also, it is a sign of a trustful platform if it works with popular payment methods because famous payment systems and banks won’t work with scammers. 

In Pakistan, a minimum deposit is $10 and you can start your trade with as low as $1. Binomo allows several payment methods that include such deposit options as JazzCash, Cahsmaal, PerfectMoney, and EasyPasia. It is important to know that there are deposit and no-deposit bonuses available for traders.

As per withdrawals, they should be made only through the same payment method that was chosen for depositing. The average time for withdrawals on Binomo could take from a few minutes and up to 3 days since you make a request. It depends on the payment system and the type of your Binomo account. Be rest assured that your transaction is secured.

Handy app

It is worth saying that only trustful platforms invest in applications development because it requires a lot of resources. Fraudsters wouldn’t be interested in your convenience but in your investments.

Besides the website www.binomo.com, the platform offers a user-friendly mobile trading app. When you download it, you can always check the Binomo chart, monitor your trading, and make deposits and withdrawals. The app is very convenient – you can ensure yourself reading the app reviews on the net. It gives you unlimited access to the Binomo platform anywhere at any time on your device as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Also, if facing problems with downloading the app for Android, use the APK from the link https://binomo.com/en/promo/android and start investing and trading. 

Note that there is no Binomo software or app to download for PC, and if you wish to access the platform on your laptop, use the web version.

Verification and Support

One way to distinguish between a genuine trading platform and a fake platform is verification. The modern verification tool and high-quality support have shown that the Binomo platform is real and doesn’t provide fake or scam services. The automatic verification service on Binomo helps you confirm your identity in a record time of 10 minutes.

You can access Binomo anytime from anywhere and get fast support when necessary. The Help Center is like Wikipedia for traders, where you can find support and answers to questions about trading.

Total about Binomo

Binomo has distinguished itself as one of the most trustful trading platforms available out there. It is widely used for trading by the Pakistanis due to its safety measures, reliability, and certification by International regulatory bodies. It is very popular in Pakistan and has gained a lot of positive reviews.

Now you know what Binomo is and how it works. You can get tools for trading education on the Binomo website and in the app to increase your skill. The platform has all the necessary tools and tutorials to learn strategies, participate in contests and learn to read charts for free on a Demo account. Become an active trader and increase the accuracy of your forecast. 

Remember that trading is always connected with risks; study how to read the charts to reduce the risk of losing your deposit on trade.

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