Jazz 2-hour Internet Package

Are you looking for a Jazz 2-hour Internet package at a reasonable cost? Whether you are tired of expensive internet bundles or limited data for your browsing sessions? Cast away your anxieties because you are looking at the right article.

We have shared three different 2-hour internet package jazz below, along with their subscription codes and other details. These bundles are designed to cater to all your data needs without burning a hole in your pocket. For just Rs 10, you get a whopping 1GB of data, providing more than enough for two hours of uninterrupted internet usage

Jazz 2-Hour Extreme Offer

  • 2000 MBs data for 2 hours
  • Validity between 1 AM-6 PM daily
  • Price: Rs. 20
  • Activation code: *846#
  • Check balance code: 11724*2#

Jazz 2-Hour YouTube Offer

  • 1000 MBs data
  • Specifically for YouTube access
  • Price: Rs. 10 + tax
  • Activation code: 2202*1#
jazz 2 hour internet package

Jazz 2-Hour Facebook Package

The Jazz 2-hour Facebook package is among these options’ most used bundles. It provides massive 1 GB of data to meet all kinds of Facebook needs for 2 hours straight for only 10 rupees.

Package NameJazz Sashay Offer Facebook
Validity120 Mints
Internet volume1024MBs
Jazz 2 hour net package code*220*3*1#

Other 2-Hour Packages

  • 1GB data for Rs. 35 (Activation: 1174#)
  • Packages with free Facebook access
  • SMS bundles

Jazz Student Bundle

  1. The “Jazz Music Mini Bundle” on TeachersPayTeachers contains jazz resources focused on middle school and general music students. This includes a jazz booklet, write-the-room activity, lessons on jazz genres, instruments etc.
  2. JazzDuets offers jazz improvisation bundles for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. These contain sheet music and other learning materials to help students learn jazz duets.
  3. The “Genres of Music Bundle” has jazz resources for students alongside reggae and rock. It covers background on jazz, instruments, artists, interactive activities, etc.
  4. The reed “Student Bundle Pack” is a bundle of soprano jazz reeds, likely useful for student saxophone players.

Terms and Conditions for Jazz 2-Hour Internet Package

  1. Data usage is capped at 2 Mbps speed.
  2. The package cannot be subscribed more than once per day.
  3. Auto-renewal is not supported, you need to resubscribe manually.
  4. The offer validity is between 1 AM to 6 PM daily.
  5. Overage charges of Rs. 2.25 per MB apply if you exceed the data limit.
  6. Minutes and data are usable 24 hours a day with no timing restrictions.
  7. The offer can be changed or withdrawn at any time without notice.
  8. Actual internet speeds depend on multiple factors like location, network congestion, etc.
  9. The base data rate of Rs. 5 per MB applies if no bundle is active.
  10. Unlimited calls are only applicable on the Jazz to Jazz network

Cost of Jazz 2-hour Internet Package


  • The package costs Rs. 35 to activate

Data Allowance

  • It provides 1GB (1000MB) of mobile data


  • The data is valid for 2 hours of continuous usage


  • It can be activated by dialing 1174# USSD code

Key Benefits

  • Affordable pricing
  • Sufficient 1GB data for 2 hours
  • No timing or location restrictions
  • Convenience of short-term usage

Overage Charges

  • Rs. 2.25 per MB if you exceed the 1GB limit

Speed Throttling

  • Data usage speed is capped at 2 Mbps


There are jazz-focused bundles and packs aimed at helping students learn about jazz music, instruments, and improvisation, but there does not seem to be one definitive “Jazz Student Bundle”. The offerings seem tailored to specific focus areas like theory, practice, appreciation, etc.

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