*699# Jazz Monthly Package

The *699# Jazz monthly package is an all-in-one prepaid plan offered by Jazz, a major Pakistani telecom operator. It bundles together calling minutes, SMS, and mobile data for a 30-day validity period.

  • Overview of the *699# jazz monthly package – a prepaid package from Jazz that offers calling, messaging, and mobile data
  • Key details: Rs. 55 per month, 1000 Jazz-to-Jazz minutes, 1000MB Facebook data, 30-day validity
  • Benefits: affordable, all-in-one package for communication needs

Details of the Package


  • 1000 on-net minutes for calls between Jazz numbers
  • No off-net minutes to other networks included
  • Outgoing calls after minutes exceeded charged at base rates


  • No SMS included
  • Base rates apply for sending SMS

Mobile Data

  • 1GB high-speed data for use on Facebook
  • Base data rates apply once 1GB exceeded
  • Actual speeds depend on multiple factors

Subscription & Validity

  • Validity: 30 days
  • Subscription code: 6994#
  • Recurring monthly subscription
  • Balance requirement: Minimum Rs. 55

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*699# jazz monthly package

Jazz Monthly Call Package

Jazz, one of the leading telecom service providers, ensures its users are always connected. They understand that in our dynamic digital world, staying connected is more than just a need, it’s a necessity. With Jazz Monthly Package 699, you can confidently step into the world of seamless communication.

Affordable, Value-Packed Pricing

Priced at PKR 699, this package offers immense value, packing data, voice, and SMS features that serve your diverse communication needs. By providing affordable, value-packed pricing, Jazz ensures that you can stay connected without worrying about exceeding your budget.

Jazz is more than just a service provider. It’s a facilitator of connections, ensuring you can communicate, share, and engage in a digital world. The Jazz Monthly Package 699 is an embodiment of this commitment, providing you with a comprehensive solution for all your communication needs.

Benefits of the Package

  • Affordable all-in-one bundle
  • Good for light Jazz users and social media usage
  • Simple recurring monthly plan
  • Easy subscription process

Call Package 1000 Minutes

Voice is at the core of human connection. *699# Jazz Monthly Package understands this and provides you with an extensive allowance of 2000 Jazz to Jazz minutes and 150 other network minutes. Whether it’s a quick check-in with your loved ones or an important business call, this package ensures you’re never short of minutes.

In the era of digital connectivity, data is the lifeline that keeps us plugged into the world. With 4GB of data, *699# Jazz Monthly Package empowers you to stay online, browse, stream, and work without any interruptions. From catching up on your favorite shows to attending crucial business meetings, the robust data allowance keeps you connected throughout the month.

How to Subscribe

  • Dial 6994# from your Jazz number
  • This will activate the monthly recurring subscription


  • Valid for all Jazz prepaid customers
  • A minimum balance of Rs. 55 required

Package Details

  • Price: Rs. 55 per month (including taxes)
  • 1000 Jazz minutes (calls to other Jazz numbers)
  • No SMS or off-net minutes included
  • 1000MB data for use on Facebook only
  • 30 days validity

Checking Remaining Balance

  • Dial 6994*1# to check the remaining minutes and data
  • Can also check on the Jazz World app

Terms & Conditions

  • Rupess 85 is a prepaid Jazz offer
  • It is a monthly jazz package
  • It is a hybrid Jazz Call and net offer
  • You only access Facebook using the internet
  • The internet of the Ghostwriter Schweiz Jazz package will be working on 3G/4G SIM
  • Types of the Pakistan government taxes GST, FED, and AIT apply
  • Full details about this package from Jazz’s official website


The *699# Jazz Monthly Package has a validity of 30 days. After this period, the package will expire, and any unused resources will not roll over. To continue using the package, you’ll need to renew it by dialing *699# again.

*699# jazz monthly package

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