What Do Black and Green Discolorations on Your Roof Indicate?

Have you recently spotted green or black discoloration on your roof? These green and fuzzy formations on metal surfaces and shingles are moss growth. You may also notice algae growth on the roof if there are black spots.

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When left untreated, moss spreads on the roof quite speedily and causes damage. Under estimating these issues in the growing stage may lead to roof replacement. So, the best way to increase the longevity of your roof is by choosing moss removal services from a professional. 

Moss Growth: How Do They Damage the Roof?

Moss damages the roof shingles in the following ways:

  • It strips away protective oils on shingles and makes them prone to sun damage and erosion 
  • It absorbs water, thereby absorbing more moisture and spreading farther across the shingles 
  • It spreads beneath the shingles since moss absorbs water and damages the home’s interior too

With moss growth, the shingles crack and get damaged. As a result, it shortens the lifespan of the roof. Ignorance of moisture buildup leads to more underlying damage in the shingles. Moisture buildup can also result in wood rot.

How Do You Identify Moss Growth on Your Roof?

Call a professional for roof moss removal services after you spot them. Identifying the type of moss growing on the roof is the most challenging part. But if you have already recognized the green or black discoloration, it is an algae formation.

Moss is one of the common forms of growth. But you may also spot fungus, lichen, mildew, and mold growing on the roof. 

  • Moss:

Usually, moss growth occurs on tiles, cedar, and asphalt roofs. You can spot them growing along the edges. If left unattended, it can cause severe damage to the roof.

  • Algae:

Algae growth does not occur particularly on a single type of roof. You can spot them coating the shingles. In fact, black algae appear as streaks on your roof, while green ones appear in consistent coatings.

  • Lichen:

Lichens usually grow on asphalt shingles and cement tiles. They appear vibrant yellow and white in color. They might be extremely damaging to the roofs and spread from ridge caps.

One quick note: Ridge caps are the shingles installed along the roof’s ridge. 

  • Mold and Mildew:

You can spot mold and mildew on any type of roof. They might be white or black in color and usually occur only in moist places. It results from algae and other botanical growths such as lichens and moss.

  • Fungus:

Fungal growth occurs on cedar shake roofs. They usually occur in hard-to-reach areas. 

5 Reasons Why You Need Roof Cleaning Services from a Professional

With tons of DIY methods and hacks, homeowners usually feel safe working on moss removal alone. But there are reasons why a DIY practice is not an appropriate task. Removing roof moss is not a layman’s job. Thus, professionals practice the work using certain tools and equipment. Narrated below are some reasons why hiring a professional for roof cleaning services makes sense:

  1. You do not have experience performing the work using specialized tools and equipment, so there’s a high chance of injury.
  2. Fitness is one of the most common reasons roofing professionals can do their job with efficacy despite the risk of falling.
  3. You can only perform these tasks using certain tools that are extremely expensive to purchase.
  4. As a homeowner, you do not have enough experience to perform the work on time.
  5. Since you do not have experience, inaccurate DIY cleaning damages the tiles and roofing structures, leading to expensive repairs.

Can A Professional Company Make Your Roof Moss-Free?

If you want to remove moss from your roof permanently, consult a professional. A certified roofing company can address the problem and implement the best methodologies to make the roof moss-free. Besides removing mold, moss, weeds, and fungus, the team handles other necessary tasks to remove moss permanently. You must call them twice yearly if it is a metal roof or features bituminous shingles. 

Now, the point is, how can you make the roof moss-free? Hire the team of Advance Roofing LLC, the team that installs copper or zinc strips that control moss growth. When the rainwater hits zinc strips, it releases zinc particles that control the growth.

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