How to Make French Press Coffee?

French Press Coffee, also known as press pot Coffee or plunger Coffee, is a popular brewing method that produces a full-bodied and rich cup of Coffee. It involves steeping Coffee grounds in hot water and then separating the brewed Coffee from the grounds using a plunger. French Press Coffee is a favourite among Coffee enthusiasts because of its bold flavour and easy-to-use design. Signup for a Barista Course and learn How to Make French Press Coffee.  

One of the great things about French Press Coffee is that it can be made easily at home with just a few essential tools. Unlike other brewing methods requiring specialised equipment or knowledge, French Press Coffee can be made with a simple French Press, hot water, and Coffee grounds. Thus, it becomes a convenient option for those who want to enjoy high-quality Coffee without leaving the comfort of their home. Below we discuss the steps involved in making French Press Coffee and provide tips to help you brew the perfect cup. 

Table of Contents 

  1. Equipment Needed 
  2. Choose Your Coffee Beans 
  3. Grinding Your Coffee Beans 
  4. Heating the Water 
  5. Preparing the French Press 
  6. Adding Coffee Grounds and Water 
  7. Stirring and Steeping 
  8. Pressing and Pouring 
  9. Conclusion 

Equipment Needed 

To make perfect French Press Coffee, you need a French Press, kettle, Coffee grinder, and timer. The French Press is the most crucial piece of equipment, allowing you to steep Coffee grounds in hot water and then press them down to extract the rich flavour. Good quality equipment is crucial for consistency and durability, as poor quality equipment can negatively impact the taste and quality of the Coffee. Investing in high-quality equipment ensures a consistently excellent cup of Coffee every time. 

Choose Your Coffee Beans 

Choosing the right Coffee beans is crucial for making excellent French Press Coffee. Different types of beans have varying flavours, aromas, and strength, which can significantly impact the taste of the Coffee. Medium to dark roast Coffee beans with a balanced flavour profile work best for French Press Coffee. Colombian, Ethiopian, and Brazilian Coffee beans are great choices that work well with the French Press brewing method. 

Grinding Your Coffee Beans 

Grinding Coffee beans is crucial for making French Press Coffee as it affects the rate of extraction and freshness of the Coffee. The grind size impacts the flavour and strength of the Coffee, with a coarse grind being ideal for French Press. A burr grinder is recommended for consistency, and measuring the amount of Coffee beans is essential. You must grind the beans just before brewing to ensure the Coffee is fresh and full of flavour. 

Heating the Water 

Heating water to the right temperature is crucial in making French Press Coffee. The water temperature affects the extraction rate and the coffee’s flavour. Too hot or too cold water cold can result in over-extracted, bitter Coffee or under-extracted, weak Coffee. To heat the water, use a kettle with a narrow spout, measure the water needed, and heat it to between 195°F to 205°F. Heat the water just before brewing to ensure the best flavour. 

Preparing the French Press 

Preparing the French Press involves adding Coffee grounds, heating water, preheating the French Press, pouring water, stirring, steeping, pressing, and pouring. It’s essential to use fresh beans, grind just before brewing, use a coarse grind, use filtered water, don’t overfill the French Press, and experiment to find your perfect cup of Coffee. You must maintain the 1 gram to 15 millilitres of Coffee to water ratio. Let the Coffee steep for 3-4 minutes and press slowly to avoid grounds escaping into the Coffee. 

Adding Coffee Grounds and Water 

Adding Coffee grounds and water is a crucial step in making French Press Coffee, which involves measuring the Coffee grounds, heating the water, preheating the French Press, pouring water, stirring, steeping, pressing, and pouring. A good ratio of Coffee grounds to water is one gram of Coffee for every 15 millilitres of water, but it can be adjusted to personal taste preferences. Overusing or underusing Coffee grounds can affect the taste and strength of the Coffee. 

Stirring and Steeping 

Stirring and steeping are essential in making French Press Coffee, helping extract the flavour and aroma from Coffee grounds. While stirring ensures that all Coffee grounds are immersed in water, steeping allows the Coffee to sit and brew in the French Press. The optimal steeping time is generally 3-4 minutes, but it varies depending on personal preference and Coffee type. Tips for finding the perfect steeping time include experimenting, starting with 3-4 minutes, adjusting based on preference, and being consistent. Avoid over-stirring or steeping, which can cause bitterness. 

Pressing and Pouring 

The final steps of French Press Coffee are pressing and pouring. Pressing involves slowly pressing the plunger to separate the brewed Coffee from the grounds, while pouring requires a steady hand to avoid splashing or spilling. Press gently and steadily to avoid over-extraction and a bitter taste. When pouring, tilt the French Press slightly and pour the Coffee smoothly into your cup or carafe to distribute it evenly. Clean the French Press thoroughly after use to prevent the buildup of Coffee oils and grounds, which can affect the taste of future brews. 


By reading this article, you will have learned how to make French Press Coffee with detailed instructions. Everything is covered in detail, from choosing the Coffee beans to pressing and pouring. Make the perfect French Press Coffee using the tips provided in this article and impress everyone. 

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