4 Things to Consider When Shopping for Men’s Leather Belts

A men’s belt is not like a necktie because one size will not fit all. If you already know exactly what you want. Otherwise, continue reading to understand exactly what you should consider when shopping for men’s leather belts.

Dress belts are not usually as wide as casual belts and they can make a statement or be the centerpiece of an outfit. Casual belts, on the other hand, are typically used to complete an outfit and they can be worn with shorts, jeans, or other casual clothing. 

Shoes to Match

It may seem crazy to start suddenly talking about shoes but when shopping for men’s leather belts, you must consider the shoes. Men’s leather belts should always match the shoes they’re wearing as a general rule of thumb. There aren’t too many exceptions to this rule. 

If you think about it, it would seem odd for someone you know to walk in wearing a men’s leather belt that didn’t match his shoes. You’ll also need to decide whether you are shopping for dress belts or casual men’s leather belts because there are some differences.  You can visit the site to start shopping

Length First

When shopping for men’s leather belts, you’ll obviously need to consider the length. Unfortunately, belts are not one size fits all so the length is important. Men’s leather belts should be about 2 inches longer than their waist to allow for buckle overlap. 

This means if a man wears size 32 pants, they’ll need a 34-inch belt. This measurement is suitable for both casual and dress men’s leather belts. Now some men do prefer their belts to have a longer tail and that’s fine but about 2 inches is the standard. 


More often than not, a matte finish is standard for casual belts. If you’re shopping for men’s leather belts with a casual finish then you’re shopping for a casual belt that will be 1 3/8 inches or wider. When it comes to men’s leather belts, anything thinner is a dress belt.

Shopping for men’s leather dress belts means the finish should be shiny. In fact, the shinier, the better. A dressy men’s leather belt should be full-grain leather. Men’s leather dress belts may be raised in the middle with stitching on the sides or they may be flat without obvious stitching but no excessive patterns should adorn the belt. 


Men’s leather belts come with many different types of buckles. Dressy men’s leather belts are smaller with a minimal design and a single prong. They typically have a more polished finish. Most often, you’ll see gold on brown and tan belts with silver buckles on black or navy dressy men’s leather belts.

Casual men’s leather belts have many more design options, but they typically have a matte finish. Reversible men’s leather belts are most often casual, no matter how they’re marketed. 

Shopping for Men’s Leather Belts

Now that you know what to look for, shopping for men’s leather belts can be fun and easy. Dressy belts should be thin and shiny, while casual men’s leather belts will be wider with a matte finish. You’ll need to try and match the shoes as closely as possible while getting a length that leaves at least a 2-inch tail. Don’t forget to consider the buckle, too. Now that you’re nearly an expert on men’s leather belts, you can shop at a reputable dealer to get what you need. 

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