How fast can I get Grenada citizenship?

Grenada citizenship by investment may take between two and three months to process and complete.

  1. Preparation of the application requires a minimum of two weeks
  2. The time required for processing is usually almost two months
  3. Compliance: Minimum of $220,000 for the Purchase of a Home OR $150,000 in Contributions
  4. & the passport of Grenada will be issued.
  • A little overview of Grenada:

Grenada is a lovely island in the Caribbean that speaks English and is referred to as the “Spice of the Caribbean.” It is abundant in white sandy beaches, lush green flora, and pulsating coral reefs. The government of the state is reliable, and the climate for business investments is highly developed.

Investors who are willing and able to make financial contributions or investments in Grenada are eligible for a streamlined route to citizenship in the nation. Grenada’s citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programme is one of the quickest and most cost-effective in the world, with processing durations of three (3) months or less and fees beginning at only $150,000 USD.

It is feasible for citizens of Grenada to travel visa-free to 127 countries, including the United Kingdom, the European Union, and significant commercial centres such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Grenada is one of just a handful of countries in the world whose residents are exempt from needing to get a visa before entering the People’s Republic of China.

  • Application Process in Grenada –

-Investing and Preparing for the Citizenship- Two Weeks

-Create supporting documentation and application file

-Fill out and submission of citizenship application

-Time Required for Processing – Two Months

  • Due diligence is performed

-The Citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC) of Grenada analyses the application

-The time to Compliance is 5 days.

  • Investments in the National Transformation Fund or government-approved ventures.

-Certificate of Registration granted


How much does Grenada citizenship cost?

  • Cost of Grenadian citizenship:

Since the Citizenship by Investment Act was established by the Grenadian Parliament in 2013, the Grenadian CBI programme has undergone various changes to stay up with the trends and preserve a competitive edge. While every other Caribbean CBI has reduced its fees, Grenada’s government has taken an unusual approach, keeping its tariffs unchanged while providing certain additional incentives, allowing the investor to earn more. In 2022, the minimum investment price for a Grenadian passport (citizenship) is expected to be more than $150,000 USD.

  • Purchase a home for a minimum of $220,000-$350,000 OR Contribution Charges The amount you must pay will be determined on your circumstances— a minimum of $150,000 for a single application, $200,000 for a primary applicant with up to three dependents, and $25,000 for any additional dependents
  • Government Processing Fees – a cost of $12,000 is projected.
  • If an application involves an eligible parent under the age of fifty-five, a USD 50,000 contribution fee will be added to the post-approval fees.
  • If an application contains an eligible sibling, there will be an extra charge of USD 75,000 in addition to the post-approval expenses.

Grenada passport holders, as previously stated, can apply for an E-2 visa. It will allow them to travel to, reside in, and work freely in the United States. To do so, they must first establish or acquire a business in the United States. Although the average investment amount has not been specified, a value of $100,000 is normally required. For inhabitants of other nations, the standards are significantly stricter, and the cost estimates are much higher. For Russian residents, for example, an E-2 visa requires a minimum investment of $900,000. The fees, costs, and overall cost of an E-2 visa will be determined by the lawyer’s remuneration and any additional externalities.


  • Acquiring citizenship can be completed at a reasonable cost (beginning at 150,000 USD).
  • Options for investing in real estate, as well as donations, are available.
  • Legit travel document
  • A robust and secure economic environment
  • Quick and efficient working times (less than three months)
  • There is no requirement for applicants to be physically present in Grenada.
  • There are no residence requirements in order to keep one’s citizenship in Grenada.
  • Absence of taxation on income from all across the world
  • Included parties may include the spouse, children, and even the parents.
  • It is possible to hold more than one citizenship.

Citizenship in Grenada comes with a lot of perks and benefits. Tourism and the export of food products are Grenada’s two most important businesses, and both provide major opportunities for investment. To better assist our customers in navigating the many business prospects available on the island, Davies & Associates has extended its presence across the island in a smart manner.

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