Can You Buy a Dog In Dubai?

When someone talks about a luxurious environment, best tourist places, capitalistic people, and rich in much other stuff, the only county that jumps to mind is Dubai, which is also rich in oil resources. This country sales 29% of the total gold in the world every year, that’s why it is called “The City of the Gold.” The people of Dubai live a luxurious life and are conscious about their health. Taking care of health means doing exercise daily. It has become a trend to keep your dog/pet with you while going for a walk or doing any other exercise. Check out the best ​​dog shop dubai for best deals. 

Dog amongst Pets 

In the list of pet animals, the dog stands out. People take their dogs with them during the walk. The dog is being treated as a family member, and why it should not? After all, it has proved itself a best friend to men. The trend of raising dogs is not the passion of today’s men, but there is some evidence in history that people raised dogs as a pet animals. 

For the first time, Prussian King Frederick said, “a dog is a man’s best friend friend” in 1789. Dogs not only provide you a company but also improve your health. When living with a dog, you get your blood pressure decreased, depression vanished, and your heart strong.

Raising a Dog in Dubai

Adopting a dog as a pet animal is common in many cities of the world. But as far as Dubai is concerned, there are some strict rules for the dog as a pet animal. Purchasing a dog in Dubai is not rocket science, but it is time-consuming and hard to follow the rules. The administration is conscious and responsible for the slightest things happening in their country. So you have to follow the rules; otherwise, you’ll be charged a fine. Let’s discuss the nature of these rules.

Register and Immunize Your Pet

It is a rule in Dubai and all other states of the UAE to get your dog registered. To avoid the spread of any disease, it is also mandatory to vaccinate your dog. Dubai administration never compromises on the health of their people. Your dogs may cause the spread of any infections in public if not vaccinated. Dubai administration requires you to renew your pet’s vaccination every year; going against the instructions led to the notices from the administration. Still, if one does not get his dog/pet vaccinated, he would be fined, and there is a chance of requisition of the dog.

Prohibition of Dogs at Certain Places

In Dubai, you can take your dog only to the places where it is allowed to. There are special parks in Dubai where you can go for a walk with your dog or any other pets. But taking your dog to the prohibited areas leads to the violation of rules which leads to answering the authorities. Prohibited areas for dogs include Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina’s promenade and public transport. 

Avoid Your Dog Harming Anyone

One of the most strict rules for pets is to restrain your dog from harming any person or their property. The administration’s priority is to protect the people and their properties, but if someone’s dog/pet does so, they will be charged a fine of 5000 AED. Authorities take a written document from them that they will not repeat. If they fail to restrain your dog, it leads to the requisition of your dog.

Concluding Remarks

You can easily buy a dog in Dubai but raising a dog in Dubai is difficult. It is because of strict rules that you have to follow. Violation of rules leads to the fines and then requisition of the dog. So if you are confident enough to follow the rules, buy a dog and fulfil your passion.

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