Your Air Conditioner Might Have These Three Problems. Fix It!

It might be an indication of a significant issue if your air conditioner stops working, or it could be as simple as a blown a fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Many problems with your air conditioner may require the assistance of professional air conditioning services in Sorrento.

We’ve put together the following troubleshooting guide to assist you in resolving four of the most frequent air conditioner issues.

It’s vital to remember that frequent air conditioner issues are caused by poor maintenance. We suggest setting up an annual maintenance schedule for your heating and cooling systems to help prevent future problems. 

  1. You Can’t Get Your Air Conditioner To Turn On

Whether your air conditioner isn’t working, check if the condenser operates outdoors. Verify that the device is switched on and that your thermostat is set to the proper temperature.

Lower your thermostat by 5 to 10 degrees and see if it solves the problem—and make sure your thermostat is set to cool. Many thermostats are complicated, as our Maintenance Manager, John, shows out, and homeowners may save time and money by reading the handbook. Then determine whether the problem is caused by a blown a fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.

If your air conditioner still won’t come on or your coil is stuck, you may have an issue with your engine or generator and need to have your system repaired by a professional.

  1. Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Working Properly

If your air conditioner turns on and your thermostat is adjusted correctly, but your system still doesn’t cool, it might be due to a filthy or clogged air condenser. The first step is to go over the outside unit and remove any rubbish or weeds blocking ventilation.

After that, make sure your filter is clean. The filter is often unclean, and when it inhibits airflow to the evaporator coil, the coil might freeze. If you have pets or use your air conditioner regularly, you may need to replace your filter more often. Take out your filter and check if you can see through it as a test. If your air conditioner is still not cooling, you may have a compressor or refrigerant issue and will need to call a Commercial Air Conditioners Installation Virginia.

  1. Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Your Home Enough

If your air conditioner is turned on and set correctly, but your house still isn’t cold enough, you may have a unit that isn’t the right size for your home.

Remember that your cooling system should be designed to keep your house cool on a typical summer day. The typical system should maintain a temperature differential of 20-25 degrees between the outside and inside temperatures. To put it another way, your air conditioner isn’t meant to maintain your house at 68 degrees while the outside temperature is 95 degrees.

If it is icing, turn off your exterior unit and seek Commercial Air Conditioning Services In Fairfax VA.

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