Why Are Resistance Bands So Popular?

The recent hike in the interest for fitness has led to resistance bands becoming popular all over the country. The best resistance bands in India made of latex, varying in sizes and thickness are available in many well-known online and offline stores. Resistant bands are available in flatforms and tubes with handles attached to both ends. They are generally used for physical therapy and workout routines.

Entry Into the Fitness World

The rise in the popularity of resistance bands happened in two phases: 1) the powerlifting community started using resistance bands as a way of accommodating resistance and, 2) CrossFit, gym, and other popular fitness communities included resistance bands in many mobility/prehab exercises. This popularity led to the experimentation of resistance bands all around the world. Now, resistance bands are used in sport-specific conditioning, bodybuilding and strength building.

What Makes People Love Resistance Bands?

They Are Safe

One of the best aspects of resistance bands is their safety. Trainers can safely incorporate them in workout programs focused on muscle building without involving weights. Resistance bands offer the same muscle stimulus as free weights but with minimal chances of injury. It can achieve due to variable resistance. It is a form of resistance that changes as one progresses through movement. When applied to resistance bands, the resistance becomes greater where the movement is stronger (creating the same effect as weights), and the resistance becomes lesser where the movement is weaker. Therefore, it puts less stress on the ligaments and joints and keeps the stimulus only focused on the muscles.

Variety of Workouts

One of the significant differences between weights and resistance bands is the plane of resistance and its direction. As free weights only provide resistance in one direction, i.e., down, due to gravity, the options for exercises are also limited to the ones where the body can work against downward resistance. However, resistance bands provide resistance on any plane based on the direction they are stretched. It allows for limitless opportunities to develop creative exercises, targeting different muscles, using resistance.

Compact and Easy Portability

The best resistance bands in India is extremely light and takes up very little space, making it portable. One can work out outdoors, switch locations in the gym, or work out while travelling without much hassle as resistance bands are easy to carry. A single resistance band can be equivalent to carrying 50lb dumbbells with virtually no effort.

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