When is the Best Time to Visit the UK?

Like every other tourist destination in the world, there’s an ideal time to visit the UK if you want to enjoy the best of the country. This is typically tied to the weather, access to tourist attractions, accommodation and travel cost among other reasons.

If you intend to visit the UK to explore the history, culture, and all the adventure it has to offer, you need to be aware of the best time to visit. You can begin by talking to an immigration lawyer about your plans and researching further into the best time to visit.

Best Time to Visit the UK Based on Weather

One of the best things about visiting the UK is the weather. It is relatively temperate and remains moderate all year long. Even in the cold winter months, the temperature does not dip to the extremes until much later.

Summer is generally regarded as the peak season for tourists to visit the UK. Both residents and tourists are drawn to the outdoors by the warm weather. The beaches are the top spots to visit during this time of the year with activities like surfing, dolphin spotting, or simply lounging on the beach being quite popular. A lot of festivals and special events are also held during this time of the year because of the favorable weather.

Best Time to Visit the UK Based On Special Events or Festivals

Special events and festivals happen throughout the year across the UK. However, the biggest and the most popular ones that see widespread international attendance occur in the summer. Examples of these are the Glastonbury and The Isle of Wight summer music festivals. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which is the biggest arts festival in the world, also takes place in summer. The summer is also the time for Wimbledon, one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

Due to this and the favorable weather, summer is the most crowded season to visit the UK. It’s often difficult to get accommodation and event tickets during this time of the year. Thus, you might need some travel assistance as you may have to book at least months in advance of your trip. The cost of visiting is also higher during peak season due to the increased demand.

Visiting During Other Seasons of the Year

While summer is the peak season for tourist visits due to the weather and abundance of local events, there are benefits to visiting at other times of the year as well. You may choose to visit the UK during the shoulder season (autumn and spring) or low seasons (winter) for a wide range of reasons.

1.    Shoulder Season

Spring (between March and May) and autumn (between September and November) are considered the shoulder season of tourist visits to the UK.

While they are not the most popular times of the year to visit, they’re perfect for those looking to enjoy a peaceful vacation in the luggage storage in London away from the maddening rush of summer visitors.

The weather is still pleasant during these seasons and with some special adjustments in your schedule, dressing, and accommodation plans, you may be able to plan your visit with as few hindrances as possible.

One major benefit of visiting during the shoulder season is that you get to enjoy better accommodation and travel rates. The shoulder seasons are the perfect time to visit the UK if you want to explore the arts, history, and culture without having to contend with a large crowd. There are also festivals like the Creamfields festival, London Proms in the Park, and Bestivals to keep you occupied during this season.

2.    Low Season

Although winter in the UK does not get as cold as in other parts of Europe, it can still get a bit chilly. February is particularly cold, with heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures. Still, people who prefer a simple holiday with minimum sightseeing and outdoor adventure will find visiting during the low season perfect for them.

The museum and art galleries in Edinburgh, London, and other UK cities remain open during the Winter and this is the perfect time to visit without having to worry about getting hurried along with the crowd. Festivals are not abundant, but the Christmas and New Year celebrations are in the air. With the cold not expected until much later, you can explore beautifully decorated markets and visit the pubs and taverns. The new year celebration in Scotland (called Hogmanay) is particularly popular with grand firework displays and galas.

Final Thoughts

The UK is accommodating for tourists visiting for a wide range of reasons. With a good knowledge of the weather, culture, and events patterns and the assistance of your immigration legal advisor, you should be able to plan your trip successfully. While summer is the peak season for most tourists, you may prefer to visit at another time of the year. You just need to pick your best time based on your personal preferences and itinerary for your trip.

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