When Does Skiing Season Start in Western Canada?

Skiing is a major sport in Canada!  Not only because of how long the winters stretch but also how much fun can be had sliding down a gorgeous slope.  This sport is one of the best ways to stay active in an icy time of year: yet many aren’t sure when that time of year starts!

This is what you need to know about when the skiing season starts in western Canada!

The Dates Change Every Year

Unfortunately, there’s no set date every year.  As climate change affects the whole world, it plunges many areas into winter far sooner and leaves others in summer for longer.  

Although the dates change every year, the length stays at around five months of the year for most areas.  This leaves plenty of time to plan a vacation and get out and ski before the slopes are full of tourists.

If you’re curious about what these dates look like from area to area, this is what you can expect:

Whistler Blackcomb

While shopping for Vancouver homes for sale, it makes sense that you’d want to take a break and hit the nearby slopes!  Whistler is one of the best-known ski resorts and holds a season that’s just barely shorter than five months.  This ski season opens in late November and runs until the middle of April.

This coincides with the least expensive times to buy a home in the area, so it’s a fantastic thing to do if you need a break from real estate!


Whitewater is the best place to go for a powder mountain.  This means loose snow and easy gliding down the mountains.  With elevations that reach 2,042 meters, you’ll be blown away at the gorgeous views this area has to offer.

Unfortunately, the season starts later in Whitewater, running for only four months from early December to early April.  The slopes here are worth the wait, though, since it’s one of the most popular spots to visit! 


If you want a slice of paradise and visit the oldest national park in the country: Banff has you covered.  This gorgeous ski resort area has everything from fantastic food, friendly locals and endless winter sports that will keep you moving and excited.

Banff knows what it means to get the most out of the winter: and because of that, the season is one of the longest in the country.  Running for six months, from early November to early May, you can spend as long as you want getting to know these slopes and having a fantastic time.

Lake Louise

This ski resort has won #1 for the World Ski Resorts several times: and for a good reason.  Also known as the friendly giant of Canadian skiing, this is one of the largest resorts on the continent.  The breathtaking views, and incredible activities available, make it feel like winter might stretch on forever.

Located just outside of Banff, this resort has similar open dates, running exactly six months as well- from early November to early May. So you should visit while you have the chance to!

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