What to Look for When Buying Kratom

Purchasing kratom might be a stressful process. How can you know which kratom brand to trust when there are hundreds? My Kratom Club’s kratom experts have compiled a list of hints to help you with your kratom purchase.

Qualified Vendor with the American Kratom Association

One of the first things you should look for when purchasing kratom is whether the firm is certified by the American Kratom Association. The AKA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program, which the AKA designed to ensure that consumers receive safe kratom, must be followed by certified vendors. The program specifies the exact rules that kratom enterprises must adhere to in manufacturing, testing, packaging, labelling, storage, distribution, marketing, and verification. Every step of the process is documented by the kratom company’s quality control team and then approved by an independent third-party auditor. These standards must also meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) GMP guidelines, including purchasing the appropriate food processing equipment and maintaining adequate record keeping. When kratom companies are certified by the AKA, kratom users can be certain that their kratom is safe to consume. A lack of certification is a major warning flag. This means that the kratom vendor can package kratom directly from their supplier without performing any quality checks for contamination. These businesses are referred to as “Garage Vendors” and should be avoided.

Proper Labeling

Following that, check the kratom product’s label. The following are the important items to look for:

  • Additional information
  • List of ingredients
  • Date of expiration
  • Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine concentrations
  • Reference to lab testing
  • The batch number

These components demonstrate that the kratom seller is completely transparent about their product and what you are eating. When purchasing packaged food, vitamins, or supplements, you want to know what components are stated, how much to take to meet your nutritional needs, and when the product expires so, you don’t consume damaged food. Kratom products should stick to the same guidelines. The mitragynine and 7-OH levels on the label indicate the strength of the kratom, which can also assist you in choosing what serving size to take. It also demonstrates that the corporation underwent laboratory testing. Referring to a lab test of the specific batch, whether via QR code or website link, increases product transparency and certifies that the batch is free of dangerous contaminants. Finally, having a batch number indicates that the vendor follows quality control processes and that the kratom product is traceable.

Third-party lab tests

When purchasing kratom, another thing to look for is that the merchant has a current lab test from an accredited third-party lab for each batch of every product. Lab testing confirms the kratom product’s safety and demonstrates compliance with legislation. The third-party lab company should be identified on the lab test and their address and phone number. The lab test should reveal alkaloid levels and the absence of hazardous amounts of microbes, pollutants, and heavy metals. The batch number on the product should match the batch number on the lab test.

Some lab tests may be fraudulent or deceptive, so conduct thorough research before selecting a reputable kratom company. Contact the vendor to see if they can provide lab tests for specific batches. Companies that are truthful and open should have no problem disclosing this information. Please inquire with the company about their lab testing procedure. You could ask the following questions:

  • Was the kratom pasteurised before testing?
  • Was the powder mixed after it arrived?
  • Is the kratom powder tested in tiny batches?
  • What criteria do you employ to assess whether kratom is safe to consume?

Making claims

Be careful of brands that make structural, functional, therapeutic, or medical claims about their kratom product. Making claims about kratom is illegal unless the product has been registered with the FDA. Claims regarding labelling and marketing goals are not permitted, including their website, blog posts, social media, commercials, and even reviews (controlled by the vendor).

Claims, especially when it comes to a specific strain, can be quite deceptive. When it comes to the effects of kratom, numerous elements come into play, such as serving size, tolerance level, brain chemistry, physiology, and so on. What one strain does for one person may have a different effect on another. Learn more about kratom strains and Shop Quality Kratom Capsules sold by My Kratom Club.


It’s usually good to read reviews from real customers about the kratom company and their products. Check their website to check if they provide verifiable client reviews. You may also use Facebook groups to help you identify the best kratom merchant for you.

Money-Back Guarantee

We are now looking at the corporation rather than the product. The company should provide quality and money-back guarantees. This guarantees that they concentrate on delivering a high-quality product. Offering a money-back promise on a defective product is a definite way to go out of business.

First Impressions

When interacting with a new supplier, pay attention to your first impressions. Dealing with a subpar provider has far too many dangers. Anything from not receiving the merchandise to receiving a poor quality product to experiencing payment troubles on their website could be in your future.

The internet has been around long enough. Most people understand what a decent clean website design should seem like. When we enter a suspicious physical store, we quickly recognise it. Similarly, we typically know when we are on a fraudulent website. Just leave…


Avoid merchants who try to oversell their products. Websites that make extravagant claims, promises, or simply push too hard to sell could be warning indicators. On websites, look for accurate, well-written content and descriptions.

Finally, don’t be tricked into purchasing low-quality Kratom. Your health is more valuable. Examine the product and the provider, and don’t settle for a subpar product. Listen to your gut feelings and compare all of the following criteria.

Keep these recommendations in mind the next time you get Kratom online. Don’t be deceived by subpar vendors or products. Make the most of this beautiful plant with a long history.

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