What Is The Best Free App For Delivery Drivers?

Delivery drivers, like those in any trade, continuously seek ways to better their jobs. If you’re a courier, you want to optimize your job to save time and be more productive, whether taking the most direct route or finding the cheapest gasoline rates. 

You also want to maintain your health while completing your task on time or early, so you may enjoy your life outside work. Utilizing the best route planner for delivery drivers is one approach to increasing productivity.

If you have phones, why not utilize them to their fullest potential by finding the best delivery apps for drivers? Here are our four best recommendations for the most useful applications for delivery drivers, which will help you save time and make you pleased to go home at the end of the day.


This delivery route planner software saves businesses from the stress of early morning route planning and is ideal for organizations that give each driver ten or more addresses. The monthly membership charge is determined by the degree of customization, and you may pick which features to utilize by paying additional fees for each.

On a map, routes are arranged in a grid as a single route, etc., and much information and customization possibilities are accompanied. However, this application for planning delivery routes assumes that all your drivers will simultaneously leave the same area.


You must find your way to each destination; therefore, route planning is one of the most common ways delivery drivers utilize their phones. While you can use a standard address-finding program like Google Maps, which allows you to include several stops, you may need a more straightforward method for having many locations on your trip. When searching for the finest GPS app for delivery drivers, Waze is an excellent alternative.

As a result of its crowd-sourced nature, you may avoid unexpected hazards such as traffic congestion or an accident. It has been around for a long time. Because it’s crowd-sourced, it’s far faster than Google Maps at providing this data. Waze will give you the best route from A to B, providing information on traffic conditions, recommending other routes, and displaying a real-time forecast of your travel.


The most useful applications for delivery drivers go beyond route planning and rest breaks. Maintaining your health and happiness is essential to enjoying your career. A meditation software, Headspace is a fantastic tool for reducing stress during your commute and home. Meditation or mindfulness is a mental exercise that may aid stress management. It may literally “transform your brain” in only eight weeks by increasing its stress-management ability. Headspace provides the skills necessary for meditation to relieve anxiety and tension or to help you sleep better at night.

PetrolPrices or GasBuddy

Another trip you will need to make, perhaps every day is to gas your automobile. Being near to gas stations is convenient, but what if you could also save money on petrol? With applications for delivery drivers such as PetrolPrices in the United Kingdom and GasBuddy in North America and Australia, you may constantly save time and money on gasoline by locating the costs at local gas stations. With PetrolPrices, you may sign up for a free account using your email address, then input your zip code to locate the lowest or closest gas station. The free mobile application makes it simple to use while traveling.

We recognize that being a courier or delivery driver is not an easy job. This is why free delivery applications are available to simplify the tasks of these delivery drivers.

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