Web design studio or digital agency – what to choose?

How to increase sales, increase brand awareness and product credibility? In large federal companies, entire departments work on these issues. In a small business, everything falls on the shoulders of the head, who combines the functions of a marketer and head of sales in one person.

Is it possible to delegate the solution of these problems? Of course yes! Design services have become very popular lately, web studios and digital agencies will flood you with proposals for cooperation, as soon as you start looking for information on the net. What is the difference between these companies?

Web design studio

Studios provide web-design, development, technical support services. More focused on the result that the customer will like. They focus less on the study of business, competitive environment and development strategy. These aspects are only occasionally touched upon in the context of web design development.

Studios that specialize only in web design and development ask more questions about the site, and not about how it will be useful for growing your business.

Project timeframes range from a few weeks to a couple of months. This is more conveyor production than an individual approach. Web design studios almost always offer ready-made templates or recommendations for future clients. Complex applications, integrations are often not in their competence, since there are no developers of this level in the state.

Digital agency

A digital agency is also called a digital marketing agency. This is not about the quantity, but about the quality of services. Their goal is the systematic development and promotion of the brand. They always start their work with a deep analysis of the business, product, services, and target audience. The client is asked questions not only about the current state of affairs, but also about what he is striving for. By contacting ronasit, you will receive high-quality service, a responsible approach and the expected good result. You will definitely be satisfied with the final product.

In addition to the conversation, various mathematical research methods, testing, analysis of demand, and competitive offers are used. Based on the information received, they develop a marketing strategy for several months in advance.

The team of a digital agency is made up of specialists from different professions: marketers, copywriters, web developers, videographers, SMM, SEO. The level of professionalism is much higher than in small web studios. Digital agencies have developed a culture of corporate education and continuous professional development of employees.

How to choose an agency for website development?

First, decide: do you just want a site for show, or do you need real sales? If selling features are not a priority, choose a web studio. There are enough offers on the market from the category of “fast, inexpensive, beautiful”. The problem is that small studios often take on large projects, attracting freelancers. This approach does not affect the final result in the best way – the deadlines are delayed, the estimate increases.

When choosing a developer, pay attention to his own website:

  1. Portfolio: whether interesting projects are presented in a topic similar to yours.
  2. Team: Does the organization show its employees, are there certified specialists among them?
  3. Quality: a digital agency website is a reflection of technical capabilities and creativity.

Choose several companies, fill out the feedback form and wait for a call. Compare not only the price tag, but also indirect factors. The response time, the quality of the responses, even the form of the commercial offer can tell you what your collaboration will be like in the future.

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