Twitter tips for the marketers in 2022

According to experts, an influencer is an individual who, by virtue of his status, position or media exposure, can influence consumer behaviour in a given universe Influencers are therefore your VIPs on Twitter. Indeed, they have the power to:

  • Create buzz,
  • Increase your brand awareness,
  • And give your web traffic a tremendous boost …

And this in:

  • Sharing your content,
  • Promoting your business or its offer,
  • And convincing their subscribers …

By engaging socially with influential people in your industry, you increase the size of your audience, which is essential for winning new customers. Buy Twitter likes for the posts and comments you leave in the sections of the influencers. It will help you to get notices from the VIPs themselves. On the other hand, before engaging with influential people, it is important to determine the right targets for your company and/or your industry. Indeed, it is essential that these influencers are genuinely relevant to what you are trying to promote or that they are well recognized as experts on this subject.

In addition, it is useful to verify that these influencers:

  • Frequently post on social networks,
  • Having a significant number of subscribers,
  • And be “listened to” by their subscribers.

Once you’ve identified which influencers are the most appropriate for your business goals, you can start working on social media.

  • Follow your influencers on all their accounts so that they are familiar with your company and its offer.

  • Also, as you are looking to increase your visibility, you need to return the favour, even if your subscriber base is small!

For example, retweet what they say, tweet links to their websites, blog posts – to build a mutually beneficial relationship!

Increase your publication frequency

To be noticed by everyone, not only by your target influencers but also by your audience in general, Twitter is a tool in which it is necessary to be active. To do this, post frequently. This way, there is always fresh content for your audience to engage with you. This is the only way to be part of the debate. In particular, on Twitter, it is important to share your links, images, infographics, videos several times. And just because you’ve shared it already doesn’t mean that everyone has seen it or that they don’t want to reread it. Increasing your online presence can also be done by interacting with your audience.

To be successful, it is important to:

  • Respond to their tweets,
  • Listen to their suggestions,
  • And thank them for their loyalty.

Indeed, according to Twitter, 77% of consumers who are quoted in a tweet with their Twitter ID by a representative of a brand are likely to recommend it.

Engagement and interaction should be your top priority.

Personally, we connect:

  • 3 times a day on Twitter (morning, noon and evening),
  • At least 5 minutes each time.

In this way, we are present to interact with our subscribers, but also with target influencers to encourage them to follow us in return. 

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