Popular fashion color human hair wigs

Wearing wigs has become more and more common, and has even become a part of modern life. People need different hairstyles to represent different occasions and events, such as social events, family gatherings, and friends gatherings. Wigs of different colors are suitable for different occasions. Wearing different colored Wigs, you can express your personality easily and intuitively. In supernova Hair, we have various colors of wigs for you to choose from. Today we will introduce some of the best-selling color wigs for your reference before shopping.

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Supernovahair insists on using 100% pure human hair and Swiss lace to strengthen the quality assurance of our hairdressing products. In addition, in order to provide customers with more choices, we continue to conduct continuous research, new product development and innovative manufacturing. There are many different colors of wigs to choose from on our website.

Today, I will introduce 4 typical color wigs. Please keep reading.

613 Blond Wig

613 Blond Wig

The 613 golden wig is classic and enduring for many people. Because it is a shiny and bright color, wearing it can make you a real Barbie or little princess. If you want to be the focus of people, this cheap color bundle can help you.

99J wine red wig

The color of 99J looks like a mixture of red wine, red and purple. It is a magical color that can match all the skin tones of our customers, and can also set off the mature and elegant temperament of women. The 99J burgundy wig is beautiful but low-key, suitable for people who don’t want to be eye-catching.


 Pay attention during the brushing cycle of dyeing hair, try not to apply hair dye cream on the skin, it is not difficult to clean. If it is not far away, you can use banana water to clean it. After dyeing your hair wig to ginger, you should make sure to do everything possible not to wash your hair again for 2 days.

High gloss wig

High gloss wig

Highlight wig is a kind of mixed color headband Wigs sale, one color is mixed with another lighter color, you can see different levels of color on it. Since a wig has two different colors, it will be more attractive than other solid color wigs. And you will also become one of the unique beauties in the crowd.

Brown wig

If 613 blonde is too bright and natural black is too boring for you, then #8 brown wig may be a good choice. As shown in the picture below, the colors are soft and soft, which can reflect the elegance and tenderness of women. Fashion girls, how can you miss this amazing colorful wig.

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