Traffic Collisions and Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Accidents can cause you a lot of pain. Moreover, car accidents can also place a strain on your finances. You will have to spend money on your medical costs. In addition, you will also have to spend money on car repairs. Therefore, when you’re in a car accident, you should be prepared and seek help from the best car accident lawyer in Toronto.

Car insurance can help you claim damages when another driver hits you. However, mother nature doesn’t go to court. Therefore, you cannot claim charges for car accidents caused by bad weather. People living in dire conditions are vulnerable to such accidents all the time. Adverse weather conditions can easily cause road traffic accidents. Moreover, since the advent of rideshare car rides, the rules have changed for claiming damages for car accidents.

What Are the Different Reasons for Car Accidents?

Car accidents can happen due to a lot of reasons, from speeding to bad weather conditions. Here are the top reasons for car accidents. You can take help from car accident lawyers for the following reasons and claim compensation from your insurance company and the court.

How Can Bad Weather Cause Car Accidents?

Bad weather can easily result in car accidents. It can create conditions that may cause the drivers to lose control. Therefore, elements from bad weather can lead to accidents on the road. Moreover, the following elements can lead to accidents:

  • High speed

  • Too much fog

  • The type of road

  • The temperature of the pavement

  • Reduced driver reaction time

  • A high amount of traffic

  • Faulty Vehicle

How Can High Speed Cause a Car Accident?

Tires need friction to move forward. Any movement needs friction, and the lack of friction will result in an accident. Therefore, when high speed mixes with too much water, it results in a car accident due to bad weather. Moreover, too much water can reduce the amount of friction between the tire and the road. This is also known as hydroplaning.

High speed and slippery roads can cause accidents. When the driver moves too fast and a lot of water accumulates under the tire, the driver can lose control. You can contact the best car accident attorney to claim damages from your insurance company for such reasons.

How Can Fog Cause a Car Accident in Bad Weather?

Too much fog can cloud the visibility of a driver. The lack of vision on the road can result in terrible car accidents in bad weather. We are all familiar with the heavy fog that can cover the entire city. The driver can only move a few inches at a time during this fog. Therefore, a lack of visibility and a high amount of fog can result in terrible car accidents.

However, a lot of drivers use fog lights to navigate during fog. A careless driver without any fog lights is more likely to get into a car accident during bad weather. The drivers cannot easily judge distances in fog, resulting in car accidents. You can seek help from the best car wreck lawyers to get compensation for your car accident injury due to fog.

How Can the Type of Road Cause a Car Accident in Bad Weather?

It is difficult to move on a simple road during bad weather. However, it is even more complex to navigate on a tricky road during this bad weather. Too much fog, heavy rainfall, or snow can cloud your judgment, and the drivers lose control of the vehicle. The roads can be too slippery by nature or have sharp turns resulting in a terrible accident.

When you combine this with bad weather, a tricky or slippery road can easily result in a car accident. Any road in poor condition can also cause car accidents during extreme weather conditions. These poor conditions may include:

  • Open sinkholes

  • Broken pavement

  • Uneven speed jumps

Uneven speed jumps can also reduce the friction between the tire and the road. Therefore, it becomes harder for the driver to properly control the vehicle when they come across a nasty jump or a hole. This can lead to a car accident in bad weather. You can seek legal help from the best car crash lawyer and claim damages from your insurance company.

How Can the Reduced Reaction Time Cause a Car Accident in Bad Weather

Another thing that can result in a car accident in bad weather is the reduced reaction time from the driver. In general, all drivers need to be alert at all times. Any reduced reaction time during bad weather will result in a severe car accident.

The drivers have to be extra careful during severe weather conditions. Therefore, any carelessness or reduced reaction time will result in a car accident. Take help from a car wreck attorney to get paid for any damages sustained during the accident.

How Can a High Amount of Traffic Cause a Car Accident in Bad Weather?

You must have seen on the news that heavy fog has caused a chain car accident. This happens when there is a high amount of traffic on the road during bad weather. Drivers and passengers can suffer from a back injury car accident or neck injury car accident.

The majority of road traffic collisions during bad weather happen when many other road users are on the road. These chain accidents can also cause severe injuries, if not death. Experts recommend staying at home during poor weather conditions as high traffic can lead to a car crash accident.

How Can a Faulty Vehicle Cause a Car Accident in Bad Weather?

A faulty vehicle is never a good thing, and it can always lead to car troubles. A faulty vehicle or any faulty equipment can easily cause a pedestrian-car accident. When a faulty vehicle mixes with bad weather, it can result in devastating consequences for the driver. A few examples of faulty equipment can be:

  • Broken Headlights

  • Faulty fog lights

  • Unbalanced Rims and wheels

  • Faulty steering wheel

  • Loosened brakes

Therefore, it can lead to a personal injury car accident as the driver cannot react quickly to save himself.

What Happens If You Face A Rideshare Accident?

Everyone tries to use Uber or Lyft to get around the city nowadays. These applications are quite popular among millennials and generation X. Moreover, these applications also offer better ways of commuting to and from work.

These applications are helping save gas with the help of pool options. However, you need to understand what happens if you get into a rideshare car accident. Who has to pay the damages in a rideshare car accident? Who will pay for the damages? Moreover, what can you do if you get into a rideshare car accident?

What Is a Ridesharing Service?

Before proceeding forward, you will need to familiarize yourself with the underlying purpose of a ridesharing service. Ridesharing means a mode of transportation that can take care of multiple people at the same time. Ridesharing refers to transportation that can get several people to the same destination in the same vehicle.

The majority of the modern era applications are not ridesharing applications. However, these are quite similar to ridesharing and fall under the same category. Both Uber and Lyft offer you the option of taking a ride by yourself or using the pool option. If you decide to go with the pool option, you will share the ride with several other passengers going to the same destination.

Uber and Lyft are transportation network companies. The basic purpose of these companies is to connect people with drivers. Therefore, drivers can charge a fee for their car, and people can get to their desired destination. These applications only facilitate the interaction between these two parties. You cannot hail an Uber or Lyft car, and you will have to use an online application to request these cars.

What Are the Causes of Rideshare Car Accidents?

Rideshare car accidents are similar to other road accidents. Therefore, the following elements can cause rideshare car accidents:

  • When rideshare drivers are not observing speed limits, it can result in a car accident. This happens when rideshare drivers are speeding to get more customers and passengers. As a result of this competition, some drivers tend to drive over the speed limit. Therefore, this can cause rideshare car accidents.

  • Since rideshare car drivers have to check their phones for GPS constantly, it can distract them. Therefore, the majority of car accidents involving rideshare cars happen due to distracted driving. The drivers have to check their phones for GPS constantly, and this can result in an accident. Moreover, they can also get into an accident when they are conversing with their passengers.

  • The majority of rideshare car drivers make more than 20 or 30 trips in a day. Therefore, they are exhausted after a long day. Fatigue from long working hours can also become a cause for rideshare car accidents.

  • Defective vehicles can also result in car accidents involving rideshare cars. Drivers tend to ignore their cars. Moreover, these TNC companies do not work closely with drivers. Therefore, such faulty vehicles can also cause car accidents.

What Are the Policies for Accidents for Uber and Lyft?

Uber and Lyft offer some insurance policies for their drivers and passengers. Let’s take a look.

What Happens When the Driver is Not Using the App?

When the driver is not using the online application for these companies, Uber and Lyft will not insure them. This means that the driver’s auto insurance will be applicable in such cases. Uber and Lyft are not obliged to pay anyone if the driver is offline.

What Happens When the Driver is Using the App?

If the driver is online and using the application, these companies will have to offer liability coverage. This happens when the personal insurance doesn’t cover this accident. Here are the standard policies for liability coverage in case of a rideshare car accident:

  • Per Person: A Maximum Limit of $50,000

  • Per Accident: A Maximum Limit of $100,000

  • Property Damage: A Maximum Limit of $25000

What Happens When the Driver Is in the Middle of a Ride?

If the driver is not only online but in the middle of a ride, different policies apply. Therefore, Uber and Lyft will offer full coverage to such drivers and riders. Here are the standard policies for complete coverage:

  • $1 million per accident

  • $1 million uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

  • Full coverage up to the value of your car in compliance with the driver’s auto policy

What Are Other Reasons for Car Accidents?

A skilled car accident and injury lawyer brings the best of legal advice to the table. You can get your compensation without issues with traffic collision lawyers. Here are some of the other reasons for common car accidents every day.

Distracted Drivers

This is the reason we are prohibited from drinking and driving or texting and driving. A distracted driver is not only a danger for himself but other drivers as well. The human brain is not capable of functioning on multiple tasks at the same time. Therefore, when drivers get distracted, they can easily get into an accident and cause harm to themselves and others.

Drunk Drivers

Drinking and driving are prohibited in every country of the world. It causes more than 29 deaths every day and is extremely harmful to everyone around the drunk driver. It is easily among the most common reasons for car accidents daily.

Speeding Drivers

Some drivers believe that going slow is against their personality, and they have to show everyone their true potential by crossing the speed limit in all the areas. Sometimes drivers are running late to work or have to keep up with the traffic, and they end up speeding.

Running Through Red Lights

Some drivers do not stop for red lights, and this can result in a car accident. More than 40% of car accidents happen at an intersection when a driver tries to run a red light. These can be easily categorized among the most dangerous car accidents and immediate death for all the parties involved.

Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive driving is also one of the most common causes of car accidents. Some drivers are angry by nature, and they tend to take out their frustration on the vehicle and the road. This is why they quickly switch lanes and try to overtake every other driver on the road. This results in car accidents.

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