Top Ethnic Footwear for Women That Go Well with Western Dresses

A woman can never have too many shoes!! The saying is just right. Women’s footwear is available in extensive color varieties and designs that go well with different outfits. Just like outfits, footwear is also categorized in two forms, ethnic and western. Both categories feature a plethora of designs.

If you own ethnic footwear it does not always mean you need to pair it with traditional clothing. A versatile ethnic pair of footwear can also spin the magic on western dresses. If you are looking to buy your next ethnic footwear pair with versatile application -for western and traditional dresses, this guide is meant for you-


Flats offer a perfect pairing with any western dress. They are a safe option if you are looking to experiment with an Indo-western look. They are perfect if you do not wish to strain your feet with high heels and go well with a western outfit. This flat footwear is available in multiple varieties ranging from colored motifs flats to handwork flats.

Types of ethnic flat footwear

l    Beaded designer flats

These flats with traditional abstract designs with beaded works go well with a salwar kameez as well as jeans and a shirt. They are perfect for those days when your feet need some comfort or you have to walk a lot. This simple yet elegant footwear can elevate a boring ensemble. It can quirk up your western wear with a hint of Indo-western theme.

2    Embroidered flats

Embroidery on footwear elevates its looks in folds. They feature traditional floral patterns to heavy designs. These can work well with a cotton summer dress or an Indo-western skirt.

3    Gold or glitter flats

Other prominent types are gold or glitter set flats. These can work well if you are looking for a glamorous western look and seek comfort from your footwear.


The traditional footwear from north or ethnic casual shoes, juttis are perfect if you seek comfort with your western attire. These traditional shoes are available in extensive colors, designs, patterns, and shapes, making you feel like owning them all. They are available in the following types-

l    Tan juttis

A pair of brown juttis can never go wrong with any dress. These modest footwears are perfect for jeans and Kurti or a traditional Kurti set. Wear them on a high-powered shopping day or festivities that require an outdoor presence. These juttis are available in tan leather or faux leather.

2    Embroidered and beaded juttis

Apart from the signature tan juttis, colored or monochrome juttis with handwork designs also go well with the western ensemble. They can offer a dash of color to your boring plain outfit and turn all eyes on you. This footwear is perfect for a lazy afternoon lunch or an evening cup of coffee.

3    Multi-colored striped juttis

These have been the most trending footwear option for western and indo-western dresses. You can pair them with a kurta and jeans on any day.

4    Painted juttis

These oversized colorful juttis are also getting high popularity for their adaptability with western dresses. They are available in quirky design patterns and go well with jeans or short dresses.

Quirky kolhas

Kolhapuri footwear has taken the footwear industry by storm in the past few years. They are available in multiple modern designs and color offerings. These go well with all western attires, making them a must-have pair in your wardrobe.

Types of Kolhapuri chappals or flats that go well with western wear

These kolhapuri chappals are available in different forms as follows-

l    Traditional tan kolhapuri chappal

Nothing can go wrong with a pair of brown kolhapuri chappals. You can adorn it with your western outfit and you are all set. Along with a classic outlook, they also offer ultimate comfort owing to their material and design.

2    Colored flat kolhapuris

These are perfect for any occasion and are available in wide color varieties like red, pink, green, blue, and more. They are also available in neon shades to offer a pop look to your outfit. These colored flats can go well with jeans and a T-shirt.

3    Kolhapuri heels

If you are looking for some drama in your western dress, these kolhapuri heels are perfect. Available in an extensive color range they can pop up your outfit.

Sandals with pom poms

These pom-pom adorned colorful flats or sandals can go with all your western outfits right from dresses, skirts, shorts, and jeans. Tie-up sandals with pom-pom decorations are also a glamorous addition to your footwear collection.

Ethnic mules

These vibrant and colorful mules can be a part of your office dressing. They can go well with a pantsuit.

Glitter or studded platforms or wedges

If you are feeling like wearing heels with a quirky look, you can purchase a pair of wedges or platform heels with decorative gold designs or cutwork.


The above list of ethnic footwear is a must-have in your wardrobe. You can purchase these pairs along with casual shoes on Snapdeal today.

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