The Mexican rabbit goalkeeper

Mexico  is a country that from time to time surprises the entire world with the excellent goalkeepers that come from its territory. When visiting 1xBet bookmaker – profitable online bets can be made on the Mexican football competitions. Some of the most recognized names to come from this part of the world include:

  • Jorge Campos;
  • Guillermo Ochoa;
  • and Óscar Pérez.

The latter is a former goalkeeper who was known as “el conejo” during his career. Conejo is the Spanish word for “rabbit”. The player had a long career which lasted between 1993 and 2019. He spent most of his career in Cruz Azul. However, he also spent some seasons in other teams of his country, like Pachuca, Necaxa and Tigres. It is possible to make profitable online bets on the 1xBet bookmaker, which offers lots of chances in Mexican football and in other hugely popular competitions.

A Cruz Azul idol

Cruz Azul is one of the biggest teams in Mexico. However, it endured a long drought where it didn’t win any competition for many years. When visiting, make sure to explore the betting options on this specific team and all the other ones available.

Pérez became the number 1 keeper for Cruz Azul in 1997 at just 24 years old. It should be said that Pérez had a stature which was shorter than what is expected for a goalkeeper. He was only 1.72 meters tall. However, he compensated for this short stature with impressive jumps. In fact, his nickname “rabbit” comes from the fact that fans claimed that “he jumped like a rabbit”.

Pérez was the undisputed keeper for more than a decade in Cruz Azul. However, later in his career he would move to other teams, where he also impressed with his performances and the security he gave when keeping the goal safe. Mexican football can be highly exciting, and 1xBet is the best site to bet on its matches.

A regular of the Mexican national team

As it happens with most great goalkeepers, they tend to quickly get call-ups from their national teams. When wanting to make a ​​bet live football – 1xBet bookmaker is the choice, which also provides bets on Mexican national squad.

Óscar Pérez debuted for the Mexican national team in 1997, and he would regularly play matches for his squad.

Pérez was a late addition into the Mexican squad that played the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Guillermo Ochoa was also selected to play in the tournament in South Africa. Everybody expected that Ochoa would be the starter. However, Javier Aguirre surprised everybody by choosing The Rabbit to play in all the matches that Mexico had in this competition.

The Mexican team has great results from time to time, and it is possible to make a live football bet on it by using the 1xBet bookmaker website.

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