Top 10 Online Reverse Phone Lookup Services

It is very annoying to receive a spam call from a mysterious number. Fortunately, by using a reverse phone lookup service you can rapidly find out who is calling you. The caller’s identity and other relevant information can be traced through these services. By continuing the reading of this article you will learn about the top 10 reverse phone lookup services.

These best services will quickly process the phone number and provide you with the required information. These services are low cost, have robust reputations and most of their data is collected from registered government sites. In this article, we will discuss in detail what service is best.

By using HLR number lookup, you can identify the person which is behind that call through an entirely free-of-cost reverse phone lookup. A lookup may also disclose all of the social media profiles which are related to the number.

Top10 Best Online Reverse Phone Lookup Services 

  • US Phone Lookup – Advanced And Best One Option
  • NumLooker – Good Online Search Engine
  • USPhoneSearch – Quick Search Option
  • TheNumberLookup – Best Option To Rescue A mysterious Caller
  • Spokeo – Best Option To Get A Caller Phone Number Lookup Report 
  • Intelius – Best Option For The Monthly Subscription
  • BeenVerified – Best For Criminal And Court Records
  • SPYTOX – Best Option For Comprehensive Detail
  • Instant Checkmate – Best For Prison Reports
  • TrueCaller – Best For Dark Web Monitoring
  1. US Phone Lookup – Advanced And Best One Option

By Using US Phone Lookup you can expose the identity of the mysterious caller. As the information comes from official sources, the precision of the data is more advanced than the other alternatives. You can obtain the background report of the caller in just a few minutes as this service is very efficient and super quick.

This search engine provides in-depth results and provides extensive area codes here. The reports of US Phone Lookup are updated continuously when there is an addition of new information. Because of this reason, you can get the latest and most accurate information about the target.

Why Should You Choose US Phone Lookup?

  • Simple user interface: 

A simple search platform like a google search engine. Even newbies can extract their desired information without any difficulty.

  • Highly-confidential search:

 It keeps the information confidential by using highly-encrypted protocols.

  • Instant search results: 

It will instantly disclose all the information which is tied to the mysterious number.

  • In-depth background reports: 

Using different algorithms it provides comprehensive detail about the caller.


  • Disclose the Caller’s identity
  • Reconnect with a long-lost friend or relative
  • Run a background search
  • Mange online profile
  • Ensure children’s protection
  • Safe and encrypted searches


  • Absence of good client reports
  • You may find excessive information like records
  • Restricted to only US-based numbers

2. NumLooker – A Good Online Search Engine

Just like phone directories in the past, a NumLooker is an automatic way of extracting all relevant details associated with a mysterious phone number. By searching the phone number you can find out the person’s name, city, social media details, state, and the area code of the registered number.


  • Irrelevant profiles can be filtered out by using special filtering options
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Fast searches
  • Easy and free to use


  • Provide no data regarding occupation
  • Some information may be negated

3. USPhoneSearch – Quick Search Option

USPhoneSearch is also another best option designed to safeguard on-time reverse phone lookup results. You can extract your desired information as this platform has the right to billions of records that are available publicly throughout the country.


  • Regular updates and advanced filtering
  • Efficient and well-organized results
  • Mysterious searches
  • Accurate and free to use
  • Protect your family


  • No support from customers
  • You can’t buy individual reports

4. TheNumberLookup – Best Option To Rescue A mysterious Caller

TheNumberLookup is the best search platform for the identification of anonymous callers because of its accurate and factual results. It is as influential as other top-ranking services. Using different algorithms the caller data will be rescued from widespread public databases.


  • 100 percent privacy
  • Provide data from public databases
  • Different search algorithms
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Free and authentic search


  • Don’t provide results for all phone numbers, especially VoIP

5. Spokeo – Best Option To Get A Caller Phone Number Lookup Report 

It is an approved reverse phone lookup service that has been presented on Forbes, CNBC, The New York, Fox News, and HuffPost. It provides the option to purchase individual reports. By using this platform you can rescue the phone, name, email, address, wealth, and criminal records of people


  • Wide-ranging reports.
  • Efficient and easy to use.
  • Secret searches.


  • For detailed information, a membership fee is required
  • Extra charges for court payments

6. Intelius – Best Option For The Monthly Subscription

It is extensively used as the best online background searching tool. It ensures privacy first by keeping details confidential from the person about whom you searched. It provides data through official sources to provide you with authentic information and your searches are protected by an encrypted connection of 256-bit.


  • Provide a variety of prices and payment plans
  • Quick results
  • User-friendly interface


  • Confusing prices
  • Restricted customer service
  • Unfinished reports are occasionally delivered

7. BeenVerified – Best For Criminal And Court Records

It is one of the online platforms through which people trace out callers’ contact information, criminal and court records, vehicle records, and property records by paying a small fee.


  • Comprehensive reports by a simple search
  • Excellent customer support
  • Top-quality mobile apps
  • Easy to use


  • Not accurate 100%
  • Sometimes no updated information

8. SPYTOX  – Best Option For Comprehensive Detail

It is one of the best and quick-processing reverse phone lookup sites that disclose information regarding the unknown number. Comparatively, with other search engines, it provides more comprehensive detail about social media profiles, public data, and family data.


  • Quick searches within a minute
  • Simple and efficient website to use
  • Provide free a lot of information about a number


  • It does not provide services outside of the USA

9. Instant Checkmate – Best For Prison Reports

This website with its massive data cross-references a number and provides every relevant information about it. This search engine compiles reports into PDF form which can be easily accessed on payments.


  • In portable format, it provides a comprehensive report
  • Provides full privacy protection to its end users
  • Provide a simple and user-friendly interface


  • Only available in the USA
  • Query processing speed is slow

10. TrueCaller – Best For Dark Web Monitoring

TrueCaller is also a very efficient searching tool among the other phone lookup services which is very useful for mysterious callers. First, it was generated to rescue unknown callers but now it also has vast applications in criminal cases.


  • To report spam numbers
  • Ensure privacy
  • Quick and efficient


  • Customers cannot avail of all the services
  • Need a good internet connection


At present, rescuing an unknown number is not a difficult task as online reverse phone lookup services easily handle this situation. Hope you find this article interesting and this article will enhance your knowledge about the top 10 online reverse phone lookup services which you can trust.

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