Tips for a Successful Start in an IT Career in the US

The economic conditions brought about by COVID-19 are creating challenges for both employers and job seekers. There is a problem of redundancy in many job sectors. At the same time, the role and importance of IT specialists have increased significantly, as the proportion of remote work has increased dramatically. People are more actively using web services, so businesses need to hire more IT professionals to support customers with technical issues.

There are thousands of articles on the Internet about how random people could build a career in IT from scratch without prior experience and some unique skills, and now they feel very confident. Is it true? Not really. But it can be true if you try hard. To increase the chances of building a career in IT from scratch, we advise you to follow our three tips.

Have your nose in a book

First, it’s never too late to learn. In addition, technology is developing so rapidly that it is very difficult to keep up with it. If you decide to change your profession, do not neglect the theory. Even if you have absolutely no experience in a new field, the Internet is there to help: there are a lot of theoretical courses and webinars on any topic. Read and learn, attend various free events and courses, and watch as many training and webinars as possible. Yes, perhaps some information will be redundant and generally not useful to you, but remember that in order to gain at least some kind of theory, you need to read and study a lot.

Create social media profiles

Today, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages are not just a provider of entertainment content but the same source of information about you as a resume. It is an amazing way for a recruiter to analyze your social account and understand who you are and your soft skills. If you do not have social media profiles, create them. The absence of them can alert recruiters. Therefore, if you are looking for a job in a nice company, it is better to control your content. Avoid posting too many informal photos, indecent photos, and photos with alcohol.

Prepare yourself for the interview ahead of time

Practice makes perfect. Think over the answers to possible questions and reactions to different situations. There is a very important thing employees need to pay attention to – a detailed study of the company they desire to work for. Analyze the company’s website. Go to the next step: imagine the first working day or week, analyze possible conflicts when entering a new position. Always be flexible. Do not refuse immediately if you are not satisfied with the remuneration or the conditions. Perhaps they will see you as an excellent employee in a couple of weeks/months, which will be a reason for getting a promotion.

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