The Ultimate Keratin Treatment Guide – Top 7 Ways to Care for your Hair After Getting Keratin Treatment

About Keratin

Keratin is a protein that is found naturally, and is found in hair, skin and nails. Keratin gives hair its strength and protection. This fibrous protein protects hair from environmental damages such as sun exposure, pollution, hair drying and other daily activities.

Hair bands are more likely to be damaged if they are unsafe and unhealthy. That’s why keratin is so important it fills in those holes. It strengthens the hair and closes the hair, which prevents moisture from entering and causes wrinkles.

What are Keratin Treatments?

Keratin treatment is a great way to straighten and smooth your hair for a long term effect. Treatment can be done at the salon or at home. There are several ingredients and measures for treating keratin, which may vary slightly between brands. Ingredients usually include clarifying shampoo, keratin treatment solution and sulfate free shampoo.

Keratin can be treated in a salon or at home, both have excellent results. This short video gives you some quick facts about keratin treatment and how it works.

A guide to home keratin treatments

Uncontrollably silky smooth what a difference. So, are you ready for your Keratin Treatment in  Singapore? Follow these steps and get strong, smooth and beautiful hair that you can be proud of.

What you’ll need:

l Clarifying shampoo

l Keratin treatment / product

l Blow dryer

l Flat iron

l Towel

l Comb

l Gloves


Wash your hair with cleansing shampoo

It deeply cleanses your hair and makes sure that it is perfectly clean before applying keratin treatment. It is recommended to wash your hair twice to make sure that all the impurities are removed. Do not use conditioner, as this will prevent keratin treatment from working properly.

Dry your hair to about 80%

A little moisture is fine, but you want to keep most of your hair dry.

Wear your gloves

Be aware, chemicals can damage your skin.

Divide your hair into several sections

The four parts are a common proposition.

Apply keratin treatment on each part with your hands

Use a comb to distribute the product evenly from root to tip.

Check your specific instructions on how long to leave the product inside

This is usually around 45 minutes.

Dry your hair until it is completely dry till depth

Divide your hair into small sections and iron each five times

This ensures that the treatment is absorbed with heat. Your parts should be small so that each ironing is guaranteed to be ironed five times.

Leave the keratin treatment for 48 hours

This is the time that keratin needs to work to maximize its effect. During this time do not keep your hair up, do not use hair accessories or do not keep your hair behind the ears. It must be kept straight, otherwise it will take the form of the object holding it – barrettes, elastics, ears.

Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo

This shampoo is lighter than normal shampoo and will reduce the amount of keratin that is removed with each wash.

Here are some ways to take care of your hair after keratin treatment

Let’s be honest, keratin treatments are not cheap. Here are the top 6 ways to take good care of your hair after keratin treatment, to spend your money well. This way you can extend the benefits of your keratin treatment and maximize its benefits.

  1. Always apply conditioner on dry hair before bathing

Applying a moisturizing conditioner to dry hair while washing your hair The swelling will be reduced and the results of keratin treatment will be prolonged. After cleansing, follow the recommended conditioner or toothbrush.

  1. Avoid wash your hair for long periods of time

“Water is the biggest enemy of your hair. If you are a person who leads an active lifestyle, apply Leave In Conditioner before going out for these activities.

  1. For the first 24-48 hours, avoid brushing or typing your hair

It will give the best treatment to your hair with more time to” absorb”and” heal”. Because, during the first 12 hours, the keratin in your hair is still weak.

  1. Use only recommended home care to avoid any side effects

Typically, the star ingredients used in the procedure and the keratin type are treated with home care as well. Effectiveness can also be found at home to prolong. There are many cases when customers use other unhealthy protein supplements.

  1. Reset the moisture vs. protein balance in your hair

“After any keratin treatment, the balance of moisture versus protein in our hair will be” out of sync “due to the high amount of protein used during the process. This will cause the hair to become rough, coarse and broken. In the long run if nothing is done to combat it. But, most importantly, these monthly salon moisturizing hair treatments will effectively restore hair and bring back softness, smoothness and shine to your hair while prolonging the results of your keratin treatment.”

  1. It is important to use heat-insulating levo

“Keratin treatments require people to dry hair down to a medium heat while the hair is wet to enable the cooling. Easy to manage hair texture. As such, it will not only create a protective and lubricating layer around the hair, but also seal the benefits of long-term keratin treatment.


Keratin hair treatment at home will be much easier than at the salon. The price in the salon is much more expensive than at home so it is very convenient for your wallet. Also, the time it takes to get ready at home is much less than in a salon. In the salon, however, the product will last longer than the product at home. Which makes the price more understandable.

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