Numbing Cream, How Does It Help In Relieving The Pain?

Are the pain of waxing, tattooing, micro-needling, and other cosmetic procedures worrying you? Are you too much concerned about the pain? Thinking of the pain intensity in the above-said procedures, most people step back from this. You can easily overcome the pain by applying a topical cream and then sitting back and relaxing until the treatment or procedure gets over. Yes, the cream is called Numbing Cream. A cream with the property to numb an area on the body.

Skin numbing creams act as a barrier that prevents the pain signal transmission to the brain, a temporary process. The cream is applied to the topical part of the skin. The cream is for external use only and never tries to inject or swallow it. Numbing creams can cause serious health hazards. So be very careful in applying the cream. If it gets into the eyes, wash it off quickly.

Skin numbing creams prove to be a good relief for people with threshold pain levels low. Skin is a sensitive part of our body and one should take precautions before attempting any type of procedure. Waxing, tattooing, micro-needling, minor surgeries, laser hair removal are painful and cause discomfort for some people. They just can not tolerate the intensity of pain.

There are different types of pains we experience in our day-to-day life. Pain could be mild or severe, home remedies work well for mild pains whereas severe pain requires medical assistance. So, how is the pain felt?

Pain is felt when the receptors at the end of nerves get prompted and this sends the signal to the brain. Numbing creams stop this pain signal from reaching the brain. Numbing cream can be used for hair removal.

One of the most popular methods followed for hair removal is laser technology. Even though it gives the best and most desirable result, many people experience discomfort after the procedure. Numbing cream is a solution to laser hair removal discomfort. Application of the numbing cream is hassle-free and the key ingredient in numbing cream is lidocaine, an anesthetic. There are different caines too, benzocaine and tetracaine. The three caines together make a great combination and give long-lasting effect till the end of the procedure.

Numbing creams are best to be applied on small areas like upper lips or underarms and are not recommended to use in large areas like full arms or legs. If applied in large quantities, it can pose serious health hazards. Lidocaine present in the cream gets absorbed into the blood through the skin.

Whatever be the procedure, the patient’s comfort is the priority. It is difficult to complete a procedure if the client is not cooperating. Topical numbing cream is a great choice for procedures like waxing, tattooing, micro-needling, and laser treatment. There is a variety of numbing creams available in the market. Choose the right numbing cream by checking the ingredients, consistency of the cream, and how quickly the cream can penetrate the skin.

First thing is to find out if the numbing cream suits your skin, are allergic to the cream, or does the numbing cream has any side effects. So it is better to do a patch test before you apply the numbing cream. Never apply numbing creams on open wounds, cut, or scratch. Wait till the wound gets healed and then only apply numbing cream.

Apply the numbing cream on the area 60-90 minutes before the start of laser treatment. Cover the area with a plastic cloth or bandage for the cream to get absorbed into the skin. Numbing creams are more effective in the 1-2 hours after application. So the procedure should get completed within time. Good numbing creams do not interfere with the treatment. Instead, it helps in a smooth and better experience.

It is advised not to have an alcoholic drink 24hours before the procedure because it affects the absorption of the cream into the skin and you might not get the desired result.

How to apply numbing cream before laser treatment?

  1. Wash the area well to remove the oil, impurities, and dead skin. This eases the absorption of the cream into the skin.
  2. Apply a thick layer of numbing cream and rub it well.
  3. Cover with a plastic wrap for the cream to get deeply absorbed.
  4. Leave it for about 90 minutes.
  5. After 90 minutes, remove the plastic wrap and wipe the area well with a paper towel and you are ready for the laser procedure.

How effective is the numbing cream?

The effect of the numbing cream remains and it depends on the application time. The numb remains around 2 hours post-application and after that, the numb area will gradually become sensitive and the effect of thenumbing cream reduces. So you must manage the time of applying the cream accordingly. You should have an appropriate idea of how much time you have before the procedure and how long it will take to complete the procedure. Applying the numbing cream early or late is in no way going to do well.

As for adults, numbing creams can be used for children too. It is better to apply numbing cream under the supervision of a doctor or medical practitioner. Children often get scared seeing needles or injections and  it becomes very difficult to manage them. It is better to prepare them and consoling by telling them that there won’t is any pain after applying the cream. Applying numbing cream helps in reducing children’s fear and anxiety with the needles.

Side effects of numbing cream

When the skin comes in contact with a new cream, for some people it causes itchiness, redness, or slight swelling. Similarly, some people experience the same side effects with the numbing cream. It is quite normal to have some signs of side effects after the procedure. This is temporary and will be cured soon. If the condition becomes worse, consult a doctor or health practitioner at the earliest.

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