Sobriety Calculator: Your Sober Journey Starts Here

For an alcoholic, it is not easy to stay sober. But when somebody who loves to get drunk daily decides to stay sober, it’s a great day for them. And if they are able to stay away from their favorite poison for 24 hours straight, it’s an achievement.

However, staying sober for one or two days is not the end of alcoholism. The ultimate aim is to stop those monstrous cravings that make you do weird, sometimes unlawful, things to get a drink. How badly it impacts your personal and professional life! Meanwhile, there are also consultations available from online suboxone doctors near me for those people who feel embarrassed consulting physically with a doctor. Read on to learn the benefits of alcohol treatments.

Those who have stayed sober for several days and want to know the exact days of their sobriety can use the Sobriety Calculator. It helps you count the exact number of sober days. Simply enter your name, email, the date from which you stopped drinking, and click the “Calculate Sobriety” button.


The calculator helps you know how sober you have been lately. Knowing the exact figure encourages you to continue with your sobriety. It shows your increasing willpower, which is a good sign.

It all starts with the mind 

Somebody has said: Mind can move mountains.

So, it all starts with your mind, which has willpower.

And if you have a will, you can find a way, which, in this case, can be one of your local AA meetings.

But you need to make up your mind first. You must have a desire to quit drinking. Without the desire, no program in the world can help you recover from your alcoholism. Somebody who is happy getting drunk is not the right person for a AA meeting.

It’s up to you to decide what you want.

Remember, whatever you desire, you can get it. You put in efforts, strengthen your willpower, be a bit more determined, try, again and again, be consistent in your efforts, fail, and then try again, show patience and faith in yourselves, and you get it.

But, you must want it badly enough. Only then can you do the above.

So, what do you want?

Do you want a life full of:

  • Disgraceful moments in the family
  • Embarrassing moments wherein you are so drunk you are unable to stand in front of your friends
  • Desperate moments when you want a drink no matter what
  • Blackouts wherein you are drinking continuously and fall unconscious, later not remembering what happened
  • Scornful looks from family and friends due to your drinking habit

Most probably, you do not want a life like the above. That’s why you are reading this.

If you are struggling to keep sober but have a desire to stop drinking, then you must attend AA meetings. They are your road to freedom from alcohol.

But things won’t change by attending a few meetings. They may not change even after several meetings either. That’s why come to meetings full of patience and an open mind. Be regular in your participation and have faith in yourselves. You can do it.

The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous show the path towards a fulfilling, productive, and alcohol-free life.

So, if you are ready to sever your ties with alcohol, visit, a site where you can find a local meeting near you.


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