Should You Plan a Trip to Miami?

When you are trying to decide where to go when you have time off, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. One of the most exciting things about traveling is that it’s full of possibilities. Simply deciding where to go detracts from that sense of possibility that’s intrinsic to the prospect of travel, but choosing a destination that has a lot going on will help to preserve it. Consider adding Miami to your travel itinerary. It’s a good one-stop vacation destination, but it’s also a perfect first stop for embarking on an extended journey. Here are some reasons why you should look at booking a flight to Miami.


The beaches near Miami are among the most unique in the United States. The most popular places to catch some rays are in South Beach, which is just a few miles away from downtown Miami. 

When you’re planning your trip, be aware that Miami and Miami Beach are two totally different cities. If you’re interested in spending at least part of every day at the beach, you should be looking for a flight to Miami but looking for a place to stay in Miami Beach. If your visions of Miami conjure up a Miami Vice-inspired aesthetic with a seaside area full of pastel-colored art deco buildings and neon lights, you’re actually picturing Miami Beach.


Because of the port of Miami’s close proximity to Caribbean islands, it is a huge hub for cruise lines. Furthermore, it’s one of the most affordable places to catch a cruise from. A lot of great cruises from Miami are more affordable than cruises leaving from other US cities. 

With this vacation strategy, you could spend a couple of days soaking up the local Miami beach scene and nightlife before you head off to one or more destinations. With cruise travel, you don’t have to keep packing up and resettling each time you go somewhere new, so you can work in multiple destinations comfortably. 

International Flow

Locals like to joke that one of the best things about Miami is that it is so close to the United States. This quip speaks to the internationally diverse composition of residents as well as its visitors. 

This diversity gives the city a global atmosphere that really sets it apart from other vacation destinations along the eastern seaboard where the crowd tends to be more homogenous. There’s a dramatic difference between the makeup of beachgoers on the shores of Miami Beach and the beaches of Fort Lauderdale just a little farther north. When you’re visiting Miami, you’ll see an array of nationalities and hear many different languages.


Miami has a reputation as being a playground for the super rich. There’s certainly some element of truth to this element of the city’s profile. The high rises of South Beach Island are where many uber-wealthy folks own a second, third, or even fourth home. In Miami, you can expect to see some of the most ostentatious cars that you’ve ever come across. However, South Beach is also home to a large population of full-time residents with moderate incomes. Compared with other US cities, living in Miami is a good value. Because housing is affordable, you can find great Airbnb options. 

Be sure to choose a booking at a location that permits transient rentals. There are plenty of local regulations about short-term rentals in residential properties, and condo buildings also impose their own restrictions. 

Because the city’s economy relies heavily on tourism, there is an extremely broad price range for hotels. Making hotel stays too expensive would put off too many visitors, so plenty of amazing, boutique hotels make it a point to offer reasonable rates. You might also find fantastic deals for hotels on discount sites.


If you want to spend part of your trip exploring local nightlife, Miami is an ideal vacation pick. Entertainment venues in Miami have a lot to live up to, and most of them really deliver. 

Miami’s nightlife can accommodate a wide range of interests. You can have fun at night whether you are interested in checking out a low-key live performance scene, a bustling hotspot for latin dancing, or ultralux Midtown club.

Ultimately, Miami has something for everyone. It’s an excellent destination for unique, memorable vacation experiences.

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