5 Obtainable Shipyard Jobs That Pay Well and Impress the Neighbors

Working shipyard jobs is an excellent way to start a new career with great pay and benefits. More than 154 private shipyards operate across the United States of America and the U.S. Virgin Islands, meaning you can find shipyard jobs nationwide. It’s your chance to learn new skills and find a formal apprenticeship in a new field.

The best part is that building ships and learning nautical design opens the door to top-notch wages supporting you and your family. Today is your lucky day if you’re ready to start searching for shipyard jobs. You’ve found the right guide to learn about the job experience you need to make great money working in a shipyard.

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1. Welding

Welding is an essential job in a shipyard since most ships use steel for the hull and superstructure of each ship. Going to a trade school to learn how to weld will open several doors for your shipyard career since welders are in high demand nationwide. You can choose from many welding types when you choose this career path, and it’s best to research shipyards to select the welding you like.

2. Pipefitting

Pipefitting is another shipyard job that you should consider if you want to earn good wages and enjoy work benefits through a formal apprenticeship. Find a mentor who works as a pipefitter to find out if this is a shipyard job that appeals to your knowledge and skills. You should also attend shipyard training courses to ensure safety on the job.

3. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is another skill that shipyard jobs require, and it allows you to earn a great living through your knowledge of electrical systems. The nautical design relies on electrical engineering to provide the power a ship needs to navigate, use radar, and communicate with on-shore stations.

4. Carpentry

Carpentry is another skill that is in high demand for shipyard jobs in the United States. Carpentry was normally associated with building ships a few hundred years ago, and it’s still essential in a world reliant on wooden ships. Wooden templates and dry blocks are the two main tasks carpenters handle with shipyard jobs.

5. Nautical Design

Nautical design is your chance to learn the skills necessary to design ships and oversee their production in the shipyard. You can build cruise ships, military ships, cargo ships, and pleasure yachts with your design skills, opening the door to incredible wages and a fulfilling career. The ships you build will transport people and goods across the ocean, thanks to your expertise and knowledge.

Start Searching for Shipyard Jobs Today

Shipyard jobs provide some incredible opportunities to make a difference in the world with your skills and knowledge, especially after completing a formal apprenticeship. Welding is an excellent skill to have for building ships and making great money, while nautical design presents you with chances to build the ships of your dreams. Electrical engineering is also a great career path for shipyard jobs.

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