OSRS Clan System Guide

Joining clans in Old School RuneScape is a great way to earn the in-game currency easily and make new friends.

OSRS clans are communities of players that can help you progress your character much faster and earn more OSRS GP. This is because clans are often filled with all levels of players, including both beginners and experienced players. There are even clans specifically made for ironman accounts who all share the same trade restrictions and cannot use their OSRS gold to buy stuff of the GE or from other players.

OSRS Clans Focus On Different Things

Some clans are PvP focused, while others are PvM-focused. Some are skilling clans in which you can enter to learn the most efficient, controversial, or cheap skilling methods from other players like yourself. Some clans have rigorous requirements regarding OSRS items or skills, while others are open to every level of players. Some will take you to PK and earn OSRS GP, while others will take you to raids and help you learn the basics. Some will even help you with gear or OSRS gold if you’re a loyal member or help you become richer through clan events, competitions, or other prizes. Overall, clans in Old School RuneScape specialize in all sorts of things, and it’s up to you to find the clan that perfectly fits what you prioritize in the game.

Communicating With OSRS Clan Members Can Be A Pain

The clan system was only introduced last year, and it still lacks many features that the clan administrators mostly compensate for using third-party communication software such as Discord.

The new clan system features an in-game chat which replaces the old one. Some clans will let you see their chat as a guest, while others will remove this option from guests because of the potential for spying and other ill-intended behavior. You will simultaneously be able to speak in the old cc system, the new clan chat, and be a guest in a clan chat just by sharing knowledge with other players.

How to Create A New OSRS Clan

To create a new clan, you will need a minimum of 5 founder players, and you will only be able to do so near the clan hall, in the southeast corner of the grand exchange. The fastest way to get there is by using teleport to grand exchange from the Varrock teleport on the standard spellbook with the medium Varrock diary completed or using a ring of wealth. If you’re a f2p, the fastest way is the teleport on the Skull Sceptre, which will take you to the barbarian village.

The five founder players must all have 25 hours of playtime. If you want to abandon your clan as the owner, you can resign, but like leaving a GIM group, you will need to wait seven days for the process to be completed. This is to prevent abuse, accidental leaves, or simply to make sure you want to quit and give you a fair chance at changing your mind.

Regardless of whether you joined or founded a new clan, you can now enter an otherwise restricted area: the clan hall. You’ll also have access to some very rudimentary recruiting tools, such as setting your clan as recruitment open.

Recruiting OSRS Players

If you want to recruit players or looking to join a clan in OSRS, you will be much better off finding one via other platforms. An example is a Reddit community created for this purpose by the twitch streamer gergeosrs, or on the official OSRS discord server. Otherwise, you can also use a Google search to bring you closer to a clan that fits you rather than the in-game advertising system for clans.

OSRS Clan System Features

The clan system features a very rudimentary clan settings tab, allowing you to see or customize some basic things such as rank titles or permissions and icons. However, a well-organized clan will help you progress much faster and, at the same time, enjoy the social aspect of one of the most solo-able MMOs out there. This is due to the organized events, bosses, masses, and many other group activities that are doable as a group, but also because of the interaction with other players and the real belonging feeling and being part of a community.

You can also find clans through natural interaction with other players or by responding to several spam messages you will see in hectic locations such as Rimmington in world 330. Even though OSRS’ clan system seems very basic and lacks many features compared to other games, there is one feature that everybody enjoys, which has a positive impact on the game and stirs more interaction amongst the players: the broadcasting system. 

If you’re part of a clan that has this system fully enabled, you will be able to witness when your clan mates get a juicy kill in the wilderness, when they get a valuable drop from a boss or slayer monster they’re killing, or when they’re getting killed. You will also see the OSRS GP value of the drop, kill, or death. On top of this, you’ll be able to see pet drops even though they don’t have an OSRS gold value.

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