Make the Friendship Bracelets a Part of Your Attire

To wear something that reminds you of your dear friend is very special. And in return, they would remember you as well. Exchanging friendship bracelets is not just a symbol of friendship, it remains as a memory, a symbol of support and gives a pleasant feeling when worn.

Read more to know about friendship bracelets and why they are important to be a part of your attire.

Symbolising friendship:

Friendship bracelets are tied by one friend to another as a remark of their everlasting companionship. It strengthens the bond by staying in the other person’s memory even if they are not beside. You need not limit yourself to wearing just one friendship bracelet. The more friends you have, the more bracelets you can be tied to.

These colourful bracelets cherish your relationship and keep your mind fresh and calm when worn. You can buy a friendship bracelet with the initial of your friend or even with your initial to remind them of you. Both of these have their special significance and cuteness to your friendship.

On what occasions can I tie a friendship bracelet on my friend’s wrist?

Friendship Day: The most common day on which friendship bracelets are tied is on Friendship Day that falls on the first Sunday every August. Everyone celebrates this day by offering gifts, sending greeting cards or tying bracelets for their friends.

Personal Friendship Day: If you have noted the day when you met your present-day friend or if there is any special day to rejoice in your relationship, you can make it even more special by tying a friendship bracelet on your friend’s wrist.

Graduation: One of the memorable moments of your life would be while graduating. Even though it takes you to another level of life, missing friends and the college days would still be hurting. To tie a friendship bracelet on this day to your friends makes the moment even more special.

Makinga move: If you are shifting to another neighbourhood or a new school/college, you can tie friendship bracelets to your current friends as a memoir of yours. You can even tie it for friends if they are moving to a new place. These bracelets are the best send-off gifts.

Symbol of hope: During sad times when your friend has lost their dear ones or they are going through difficult times in their life, the presence of a friendship bracelet showers a ray of hope that you are beside them always.

Birthday gift: Gifting a friendship bracelet with names engraved or initials put together gives a personal touch to the gift. You can also customize bracelets with a personal message, date or words depicting your friend on them.

Not only are these bracelets a lovely gesture to gift the birthday boy/girl, but they can also be given as a return gift from the person who celebrates their birthday. It reminds your friends of your birthday and the memories you made on the same day.

The scientific importance of wearing friendship bracelets:

Humans are social beings, most of the relationship that humans possess has a base of friendship in it. Friends give strong mental support and help to deal with stress and other pressure. When matters cannot be discussed with families, friends help to a larger extent in providing support and help.

It is scientifically proven these relationships help the brain reduce stress levels. This is due to the heartfelt care, outspoken conversations and the fun that helps to laugh out loud to get rid of bad vibes. This is further strengthened by tying friendship braceletsin each other’s wrists.

Can a friendship bracelet be worn with any attire?

In the first place, a friendship bracelet is not a piece of jewellery, it is a symbol of companionship. Still, it can be worn for any attire. Most of the friendship bracelets are multicolour which makes them go well with any costume. And with some pieces of hangings, initials, or symbols, these bracelets can look more cute and lovely.

Different colours have different meanings. For example, blue is known as the colour for courage or confidence. If you wish to remind your friend about how courageous they are, you can tie a blue friendship bracelet. In the same way, green symbolises success and violet symbolise intelligence. Look out for the meanings of each colour before fixing a bracelet for your friend.

Where can I buy the best set of friendship bracelets?

The latest and trendy designs of friendship bracelets can be found online. Kontiko is the best online store when it comes to purchasing a bracelet. With numerous designs of friendship bracelets available, you can pick and order the ones according to your desire. You might also think about your friend’s favourite colour before fixing the bracelet for the person.

And it would be even special if you can find a friendship bracelet made up of the favourite colours of your and your friend’s. That would be even more adorable. There are many colours and designs of bracelets you can find on Kontiko.

Order your favourite bracelets today:

At Kontiko, you can find numerous Freundschaftsbänder at a minimal price. The thread used for these bracelets and made up of high-quality cotton and they do not fade away easily. Yet, it is better to remove your bracelet before showering to make it long last. You can place as many orders as you want and show your love to all your friends.

You can try out various combinations of bracelets to look trendy and modern. Pair your friendship bracelet with a mala bracelet or a moonstone bracelet. It looks even more stunning and would be an eye-catcher. Who else would not wish to be the centre of attraction? Just try out some funky combinations according to your taste.

The friendship bracelets are adjustable so that they can suit various wrist sizes. All you have to do is, visit the Kontiko site, find your set of friendship bracelets and order. You can also make online payments as available.

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