CSPO® V/s CSM® Certifications – What Are the Differences?

Owners of Certified Scrum Product® or CSPO® and Certified Scrum Master® or CSM® are part of the best courses of certification courses that one must earn if one wishes to acquire in-depth knowledge of the frameworks of the scrum.

We all know that scrum is among the most necessary frameworks that aids one to execute the processes of agile. The Product Owner and Scrum Master are the two people who play a significant role in this execution.

Scrum – The role of the scrum master is to see that everyone who is part of the team comprehends the practices, techniques, rules, and concepts of the scrum. Additionally, they have to make sure that the team is provided with all they need to complete their tasks.

CSPO® – The business aspects of the project are the responsibility of Product Owners. So, they must motivate the team members so that they can perform better in order to meet the goals and vision of a specific project. They also have to oversee that their team completes their tasks within assigned deadlines.

CSPO® v/s CSM® – Certification Details

Certified Scrum Master® or the course of CSPO® certification covers every elementary element that is associated with the scrum framework. The candidates of this course are well-versed in multiple scrum aspects. The Scrum Alliance® provides this course by specially designing for making scrum masters.

The Scrum Alliance® also offers Certified Scrum Product Owner® or CSPO® certification. This certification makes the candidates a professional in the development of products and assimilates the qualities of leadership in the candidates.

The CSPO® certification is more appropriate for people who wish to take part in the business decisions of a company. Moreover, this course is specially designed for individuals who are interested in the job role of a Product Owner.

CSPO® v/s Scrum Master – Salary Range

The majority of the companies or organizations are recruiting scrum masters, and the CSM® certification makes the candidates qualified specialists of the scrum. So, one can effortlessly be an inherent part of any task that has been standardized through the principles of scrum and agile.

A specialist or master of the scrum has the best paying employments in India and the USA. Scrum masters who have successfully finished the course and earned the CSPO® certification on average earn from a hundred thousand to a hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars in the United States of America. In India, the range of the pay scale is between nine lakh and fifty thousand to fifteen lakh and fifty thousand rupees.

Both the certifications convey a varied type of education and training to their candidates and both of these have their separate set of benefits. Whether the candidate wishes to be a scrum master or a product owner determines whether you should complete their CSM® or CSPO® course of certification. These two certification courses perfectly complement one another, and some people acquire both of them as well. CSPO® is a somewhat advanced-level course, whereas, CSM® offers a rudimentary understanding of the principles of the scrum.

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