Incredible Facts You Need to Know About Air Jordans

In the coming times, you probably will be so interested in sneakers that you will start searching and collecting the different types of sneakers. There are different designs, colourways, and even variations of the identical base shoe, making sneakers unique. Although, there is one type of sneaker that every sneakerhead should own: Air Jordans.

Ever since the first Air Jordan’s were worn in late 1984 by the sports legend Michael Jordan himself, people were amazed at how it looked because of its simplistic design. The Air Jordan I specifically was one of the most renowned rare Jordan sneakers because it is owned by Michael Jordan, who was known for being the best basketball player ever to exist. If you want to get a better understanding of the sneaker, you can find several astonishing facts!

  1. Considered as the highest-selling shoes

One fact about the Air Jordan brand is that it was the highest-selling pair of shoes worldwide, and they also currently hold the world record for the most expensive sneakers ever sold. The highest selling Air Jordan was a game-worn pair and signed by Michael Jordan for a whopping $560,000.

The purchase also happened when Michael Jordan’s documentary series film called “The Last Dance” gave the public more insight into how it showed the legacy of Jordan’s basketball career. It was also the time where they examined the auction Jordan shoes, which helped drive the price to half a million dollars.

  1. The logo did not exist on the first Jordan pairs

If you are looking for rare Jordan sneakers, you need to look hard for the first Air Jordan I’s ever released because they were the only ones that never had the Jordan logo. Die-hard Jordan sneakerheads are constantly on the lookout for that specific pair because the “Jumpman” logo was not introduced until later on.

The first edition of the Air Jordan shoes only had the Nike swoosh, while the second one only had plain walls. As mentioned, the first pairs were made in the 1980s, so it might be almost impossible to find a pair still in mint condition.

  1. The NBA banned Michael Jordan’s shoes

Every ‘90s Michael Jordan fan knows about the controversy between the NBA and his first pair of Air Jordan’s. It was the most famous moment in basketball history that left people baffled because they were only a pair of shoes that were no different from the shoes worn by other players. The NBA banned MJ’s shoes because it did not follow the league’s “dress code.”

Whenever Jordan would play or even step into the court wearing the Air Jordan I’s, he would get fined up to $5,000. The NBA in the 1980s had a stringent dress uniform policy that every player had to follow if they did not want to get fined every game. Fortunately, MJ never had to pay a cent because Nike was there to handle his fines.

  1. Each shoe design is inspired by something

You might think that Jordan’s shoe designers would simply design it so that it would look good. That is where you are wrong because the designers would always base every Jordan shoe off of something, specifically the Air Jordan XI inspired by a lawnmower. Other design inspirations include fighter jets, sports cars, and a black mamba.

It is always the best feeling for any Michael Jordan fan to receive their first pair of authentic Air Jordan shoes. And knowing the facts mentioned above can help solidify their love for the shoe brand.

Author: Alison Lurie

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